What is expected for gold price?

Gold price technical analysis 14 - june, 2013

What is expected for gold price? — for sure it is a question came in the mind for any one invest in gold. Gold price fluctuate also came in your mind, my turn, Gold price under any circumstances sets the purchase value. In other words if the Ounce of gold could buy 100 item from the grocery today, after a month it will do the same job. But what is expected for gold price?

Short – term expectation for gold price

Gold price watched a decline for the last two sessions, to close yesterday at $1386.30 USD/ Once of gold by a decline equal to 0.36%, but this result to the rise of the European share. It will make an affect over gold price for the short term, a personal expectation for gold price in Monday, gold price will start the trading session by a sharp decline in case of the Asian market records a rise. Gold price could continue to decline by the beginning of the European trading session especially by the rise of hope in The European Economy to record a descend rise. In U.S. stock market it is expected to be the same to watch a rise for sure it will lead to a decline in Gold price at the end, by the end of the trading session or maximum by the beginning of trading in the next session. We could watch a rise in Gold price.

Medium – Term expectation for gold price

Gold price watch a narrow trading range between the level of $ 1370 USD/Ounce and $1411 USD/ Ounce of gold. It is expected for gold price to stay in this narrow trading rate. The deliberative trend for summer is expected to be the same. But if gold price can hack above the level of $1411 USD/Ounce it is expected to monitor $ 1450 USD/Ounce of gold. But if gold price hacked to the down level it is expected to monitor the level of $1350 USD/Ounce of gold as the next support level for gold price.

Long- Term expectation for gold price

Gold price for the long term is not clear that match. But we can say that by the beginning of the expected inflation in U.S.A and the Euro area it is expected to watch a rise in gold price. Frankly, I can say that Gold price trading for 2013 will be at the level of $1550 USD/Ounce of gold. Also gold price will watch a rise in the long tem because of the expected economic crisis.