Gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

Gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) is a free service provided by Gold Price Network website, where you can find daily reports about gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal per ounce, gram, and kilo gram in different carats 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k.

Gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) is being updated once every 15 minutes, based on the latest gold price from the NYSE COMEX. Last update were on Friday, 3 July - 2020 1:10 AM Riyadh local time

Average gold prices in Saudi Arabi per 24K Ounce in Saudi Riyal in the last 30 days

Gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) is a free daily analysis about the current gold price in Saudi Arabi in SAR. The following report covers average gold price per grem, ounce, and kilo gram in 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR).

Beside gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR), the following report provides you with the gold prices history in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) and keeps you always up to date by listing the recent news and events that affects the gold price in Saudi Arabi.

Gold price in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

Gold price per gram in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

The following table shows gold price per gram in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) in 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k carats.

Carat Gold price per gram in Saudi Riyal (SAR) Gold price per gram in U.S Dollar (USD)
24K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
22K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
21K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
18K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
14K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
10K Gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD

Current gold price per gram in Saudi Riyal, Last Updated on Friday, 3 July - 2020 1:10 AM - Riyadh local time

Gold price per ounce in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

The following table shows gold price per ounce in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) in 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k carats.

Carat Gold price per ounce in Saudi Riyal (SAR) Gold price per ounce in U.S Dollar (USD)
24K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
22K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
21K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
18K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
14K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
10K Ounce 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD

Current gold price per ounce in Saudi Riyal, Last Updated on Friday, 3 July - 2020 1:10 AM - Riyadh local time

Gold price per kilo gram in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR)

The following table shows gold price per kilo gram in Saudi Arabi in Saudi Riyal (SAR) in 24k, 21k, 18k, 14k, and 10k carats.

Carat Gold price per kilo gram in Saudi Riyal (SAR) Gold price per kilo gram in U.S Dollar (USD)
24K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
22K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
21K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
18K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
14K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD
10K kilo gram 0.00 SAR $0.00 USD

Current gold price per kilo gram in Saudi Riyal, Last Updated on Friday, 3 July - 2020 1:10 AM - Riyadh local time

* Gold Price in Saudi Arabi local markets may vary from the prices provided above due to local factors like taxes, duty, stamping and others if existed.

Gold price in Saudi Arabi discussion

  • shaik

    askm friends will you please tell me the updated gold rates to my e-mail

  • a

    this is not true……gold is ver expensive today …..i bought an earring 1.639 gn 21k costs 450rials

    • b

      Mr a Its Fake Yor bullshit

    • horia

      ab gubara buy kar lo 🙂

  • a

    this is not true……gold is very expensive today …..i bought an earring 1.639 gm 21k costs 450rials

  • Mohammed Seydou

    Please contact us if you are willing to trade gold from Africa

    • ab

      hey i am interested


      Hello Syedou

      I am interested to trade the gold, You can contact me on 0547229651

    • omonye akhilomen

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  • jeffwinger

    muhammed seydou please mail me ı want to do businesswith africa

  • jeffwinger
  • OMG

    i bought ring today 2.5 gr. 21k it cost 700 SaudiRials.. is that expensive or correct price?

    • akku

      Correct Price..!!

      • mohammed

        I bought 17 april 1913 a naklis 21 kr cost 155saudi riyals/gram..Is that expensive or correct price?..

        • Riz

          ARE YOU ALIVE ?

          • Talal

            Lolz LMFAO

          • Muneerul Islam Muneer
        • zia

          Oh God , Ghost’s also checking gold price , im quite sure , its a Lady 😀

        • muhammed younus

          100 years back….. this price was tttooooooo much

        • Tayyab

          it is good rate

        • rishi

          thats good price

        • Patriots

          1913, your still alive!

      • sajid

        very expensive

      • Rober Williams


        My name is Robert Williams we are local miners in Ghana
        and we have we have 45kg gold dore bars ready to ship at the rate of
        $30,000 per 1kg, if your interested please contact me +233267597768 or

        • MAX

          Rober Williams is a fake and fraud !!!!

          • Kanwal

            Ya MAX you might be right, the name itself suggests “Rob”er missing only one b from the name.

        • WITCH HUNTER

          Hi Rob Williams how is the weather in Nigeria?? You goons think that all are bloody gullible fools like you scavengers.
          Why dont you make an honest living. For god’s sake please dont come up with these bloody fake stories…… I am in Nigeria I have lost my passport….2) I have inherited 1 Bilion from ……my foot…..we’ll hound you and mind you the Interpol is just ONE STEP BEHIND YOU SCAMMERS!!!

        • Sabeen Ishtar


          • Sabeen Ishtar

            Do Gana people name Robert Williams

          • tahir malik

            how are you

        • Sabeen Ishtar

          I like you guys you people do not manufacture your government have good internet net work but you guys can man-over and steal from computer manufactures that is very cleaver of you guys kudos

    • ahamed luthfi

      a good price

    • tt@gold

      very expensive.

    • Aamir

      it is very expensive… in fact too you have paid too much…

    • vikram

      I think you are being cheated by the selling guy..!
      making charges cant go that high!

      definitely he sold you at very high rates.

    • Asif

      guys check the date when he posted/bought…. almost right price

    • Sunil raj bannary

      Expensive , by the way if you want to get a an advantage you should buy 21k-160/22k160-170/grm and 24k 180k is a reasonable price. Small rings and ear rings will not get benefit due to item lim sum price.

    • YRF

      yaar u buy very expensive its around 357 riyals only,,,

    • Roqayya

      Are you mad………it is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive….!!!!!

      • mohammed

        yes roqayya, u r correct, its very expensive. today its right time to purchase gold, wat do u say. Mohammed ayaan, riyadh

    • riz

      You paid more than 200 SR

    • Azee

      lol…. too much expensive…

    • Rabo Dolly

      If the ring has a diamond on it then the price may be OK otherwise the maximum price should be SAR 438.

    • aczee

      very expensive it should be around SR. 500

    • Tayyab

      it is correct, plz try to calculate first, multiply weight with rate per gram, then u can easily know that how much is the shopkeeper earning profit from u, then u can bargain.

    • Mushtaque

      Too Expensive…max it should be 375 to 400 SR

    • micmic

      160×2.5=400 its around 500 only

    • Wasim Akram

      Yes Expansive
      It should be 330 SR

    • sohel

      The ring 2.5 gm which you bought was not sold by gram wise it was lumpsum, if we count by weight then it comes SAR 280 / gm

  • Zakir Hussain

    i by 24k dated on 22 December 2012 cost 211 SR. is that expensive or correct price?

    • ha

      Helo zakir i want to talk to you.about goldits my
      my mobil nu.0597080254

      • nisar ahmad

        helo plz conict me 0923339473464.

      • bhai jaan kya haal hai

        • Hina Chaudhry

          salam dear hussain how r u what is ur cell number i want talk to u

          • Mayoor Khan

            HI HINA I MAYOOR 00966561901995

          • Shiraz Ahmed

            salam wa lek. for any query related to gold rate plz fell free to call me on my cell no 0503 503 256

          • DR HUSSAIN

            hi hina i am dr hussain from riyadh 0536613107 fell free contact about gold

          • kimberly

            هل أنت رجل أعمال أو امرأة؟ هل تحتاج إلى أموال لبدء مشروعك التجاري؟ هل تحتاج إلى قرض لتسوية الديون الخاصة بك أو سداد فواتيرها أو بدء عمل تجاري لطيف؟ هل تحتاج إلى أموال لتمويل مشروعك؟ نحن نقدم خدمات قروض مضمونة من أي مبلغ وإلى أي جزء من العالم (للأفراد والشركات والسماسرة والهيئات الاعتبارية) بمعدل فائدة فائق قدره 2 ٪. للتطبيق ، لا يمكن لنا أن نتصل بنا عبر بريدنا الإلكتروني: ( رقم WhatsApp: +12174870925

          • deccan prine


    • Jawaid Ansar

      Mr. Zakir you bought gold very expensive during that period gold price was so extreme I bought also during that period with the price SR. 217 and 116 gms which I am still suffering prices went down suddenly after this extreme.

  • Thank you for telling time to time Gold Rate

  • mr. m

    i bought earrings on 15 dec. 2012 of 6.7 gr. it cost 1600 saudiriyals is that expensive or correct

  • i m serious investor ..mohammad temme how we start bussiness…….

    • flyordie

      Where you want to invest your hard earned money?

    • fawad

      facebook per contact kree mene mag kya ha

      • i didnt get any tagfacebook par nahi mila

        • i got it

          • WaSiF

            Sadia are you staying in Saudi arabia? it so easy especially for women.

          • rehman

            Call me 0597080254

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          • habib ur rehman

            If u r in saudia plz call me this nu 0597080254

        • horia

          salam frinds

          • DR HUSSAIN

            hello to day gild price in riyadh market 190 sr

    • hi

    • sarwar my email eddres

  • Ed

    I bought a necklace 17.40 grams and it cost me 3340SR is this price correct?Thanks

  • ED

    I purchase a necklace 17.40 grams for a price 3340SR is this correct?

  • Harman

    is it the right time to buy gold or further it will go down?

  • nisar ahmad

    im baiyar gold plz contic me 0923339473464

  • mohan joshi

    its very expensive

  • Syed

    Dont worry, soon gold rate in KSA come down to 22 Ct 160 SAR/Gm

    • wasi

      syed bro next day the gold price will be down or high

    • It is already 180 SAR per giram already 🙂

  • jamsheed

    today i will purchase 22k gold

  • Bilal

    When ever u tell the price of gold of 22k the shop salesmen always say that the price of net is different and say 22k is 191 SR instead of approx 147.50 I don’t know if the gold shops are making more money on gold and also charge more on making charges

    • rogue

      I just brought 4.3 g (220 sar per g) of 22k of gold and cost 980 sar

  • idris

    hello, i have purchased 22k necklace 35.5 gr in saudi riyal 6700 correct or expensiv…plz tel me…

  • Abdelrahman

    Where in Saudi Arabia one can buy gold ounces with good prices?

  • syed

    Hi I bought 4.7 gr 21k its costs me 9200 is it ok or expensive please tell me

  • Syed Rizwan

    i want to buy gold biscuit of 24K, or 22K

    • rehman

      Hi rezwan i am from dammam u r from?contact mr
      this nu 0597080254

      • hi abdul rahman bhai

      • Ashraf

        hi i want to buy gold, shall i call u

  • Thamer

    What would be an acceptable commission for a 24K swiss gold ounce?
    I was checking yesterday and the best offer for the Swiss was 6,400 SAR, and the Saudi one was for 6,250 SAR, eventhough the online rate showed 5,929 SAR

  • 0594955030

  • ali

    what is the price of 18carat white gold?

  • haj

    I want to sale kangan old pls advice the old gold price

    • Muhammad Sarwar

      please send the pics on my e mail id
      Muhammad Sarwar

  • Warren

    i have 22k for $39.000. contact me on

  • ansar

    If any one really serious to buy gold this is the right time to buy raw gold today raw gold price went down too much compare to last year.

    • pasha

      how long it wil b constant dis reduced rate?
      kindly advise me to purchase gold for the marriage purpose…thanks…

  • nior
  • Siraj

    Ring price is per piece in Saudi(Riyadh) not by weight.

  • Today is a good time too buy gold or not?

  • hina

    salam I am from Pakistan I wanna know k where is your shop? in Makkah or Madina?I am comming for Umra

    • Mohammed

      AssalamuAlaikum.. Hina u’ll find Gold shop in Makkah tower mall. When you go there u’ll find it easily. Just rembr Tower mall.

  • Muhammad Amin Afridi From KSA

    I think this a good chance to buy some gold, If u see from last 30 days, so gold decrease about 1100 Saudi Riyal. I think not possible to decrease more gold prize.

  • irfan

    hello, i have purchased 21k necklace 60 gr in saudi riyal how much correct …plz tel me…0532583326

  • sarwar

    today to much down price in pakistan 54300 par tola 24 k bt saudia arabia 1 gram 196 sr riyal thats what is this i dnt know

    • Shiraz Ahmed

      sometimes the market inflates due to country’s sudden fall of rupee value, so no wonder this happens Ms Sarwar, if u have any confusion regarding market rates u may contact me freely on my cell no: 0503 503 256

  • Nasrullah Pathan

    Gold price is steady on 169.44 for couple of days. Is it expected to go down.

  • shajaat

    Today I bought gold 24 k 150 gm 178 SR from makkah

  • mohdilyas

    still not constant price in market all price high

  • zircskie

    Why here in al-ballad Jeddah, the gold price is 260 per gram. It’s very bad.

  • Shams

    today the price of 24c is 172.85, could any one tell me that the price will more increas or is there any chance to decrese, i want to buy for me as a perpose of marriage
    Thanks a lot

  • Shams

    if i go to shop they said there on price, not same as net price, how we can convence or take the gold on same net price, could you please help

    • Hamid

      Well always keep this equestion in your mind ..if u r buying Coin (Present gold price + 6 SR to 7 SR Making) example if gold price is 174+6 = you can by 180
      if you are buying Jewellary add Making charged 20SR to 25 (based n design) then rest u can barging..

  • shehzad

    whats the current price of 100gram gold biscuit in riyadh saudi arabia?


      20500 sr

  • Babar

    Salam friends….i buy 8 gram 22 k gold price 1260 i right? Nd how is rate today?

    • jamal

      from where as in my city the rate is 195 per gram.I am in Hail

  • tauqeer

    I bought yesterday @162pr gram 22krt gold right?
    Now I am thinking to buy pure gold e.g 10gram just to invest as its low price now and sale later when its expensise please guide where to buy.

    • jamal

      from where you bought.plz tell me shop n city

  • tauqeer

    Means on 20april2013

  • omar

    please can any one tell me the market price for 22 crt

  • smalik437

    24 k….gold ki kya pires h

  • Haider mujtaba

    Ibought nacklis 21kr date 17 april 2013 ,it cost 155/gr .is that expensive or correct price…?

  • Omar Usman

    i bought 50g 24 karret 9,000sr jeddah

    • omar

      which date?

      • Omar Usman

        25th april


    I buy 24 carat gold Sr 185 per gram today 25 april 2013, it is okay.

    • Omar Usman

      i was lucky i bought 24 karret gold biscuit 180 riyal .. on 25th april

  • khan

    I purchased 89.8 gram of gold with the prize of 15000 sar is that correct prize

  • guys main nain 2 churian wgt 28.8 grm ki 5000 riyal main li hain 18 april koo kia rate theek hai….

    • Shiraz Ahmed

      Hi Shayzi, u have purchased ur gold at very good price masha allah..
      my cell No is 0503 503 256. fell free to contact me for any query!


    two weeks before price was very good for 24 gram. Day by day the price will increase so waiting the people wants to buy. Wait

  • ijazbashirkhan

    gold is so expensive in a long time butt after some day they loss her price so . i bought some gold .so you think and buy some thing

  • wasim

    what is 24 carat rate today in jeddah ksa

  • kashif

    i want puchase the gold with good price. so where is gold market or shops in Madina.

  • yasar

    Hello Friends ,,,, Slucky Yasar on Face book….. waiting your frnd request


  • Rai

    i want 2 buy 24k (i means no Ornament) which place or exchage in riyadh sector? pls. give me good advise,

    • Sunil raj bannary

      If u wanna buy biscuits check with al-rajhi bank main branch they sell pure gold.

      • Hamid

        Bank will chanrge be higher price on making …comparign to other dealers

  • kennth paul

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    Kenneth Paul

  • mustafa

    I buy 24k one ounce Sr5650 yesterday whats abut?

  • 8

    where can i buy gold bar here in riyadh?

  • Assalaamu alaikum dosto kya haal hai mai do hafte pahle ek 21 cret ki chain lekaraaya tha jiski kimat mujhe 175Sr per gram chukani padi sahi ret ka kya fayda

  • Lal Khan

    I bought 100g suisse gold bar in saudi arabia it have SGCO mark instead of PAMP,
    I want to know what SGCO stands for, i am worried about this bar is real or not, any one expert in this field please guide me. Thanks.

    • Bala Banda

      I am having gold to sell at cheaper price so let talk

      • Shaikh

        did you sold or still want to sell

        • Bala Banda

          Dear Shaikh
          I have sold part of my gold but still left with some kilos, if i may ask how many kilos are interested to buy? what is your email and telephone number to reach you?
          this is my line 00233 244465388
          Bala Banda

    • MAX

      SUISEE is best and ok !!

  • shainaz

    How many saudi riyals can i pay per gram if i buying gold todsy?

  • shahid Mk

    hi allllllllllllllz

  • salmah

    Where its better to buy gold dammam or khobar?

  • Ashraf

    Hi i bought 24K 10g SAR.1800 its good investment or not plz. advise

    • Ijaz Khan

      i believe at present it will earn and but if keep it for midterm period . Then i hope you will earn

      • ijaz Khan

        I mean it will not earn

  • Abdur Rahman

    Salam Evrybody i want to buy gold is it the wright time to buy or to wait plz reply frnds

  • i bought braclet on april 28 2013, 21k it cost 1290SAR….Its weight is 7.6. Is that expensive or correct price

  • syed

    anyone can tell me where to buy gold in riyadh.

  • syed

    anyone can tell me where to buy gold in riyadh.

  • on 28 april i bought a breclet 21k, it cost is 1290 its weight is 7.3…. is that expensive or not?

  • dear what is the reall price of 12 gram in saudi riyals

  • Talal

    Just bought 10gr 24K gold mini biscuit for SR 1730 only. Rates are quite low right now, so serious investors go ahead and buy at least 100gr biscuit. BTW I am student and I have bought it because of my interest in gold :).

  • Rahumathulla Al-Sadath

    Dear Friends,

    I would like to know the gold price in local market or gold shop so, please let us know if anyone know but excluding solid gold.

    for example

    Ring 22 k 1 gr = ?

    chain 22 k 1 gr = ?

    Necklace 22 k 1 gr = ?

    Bangles 22 k 1 gr = ?


    • Karatage1

      Hello Rahumathulla,
      I am in Jeddah and frequently shop at Souq al-Yamamah gold market. I will post gold prices for 21k pieces you list later today(Saturday). You can follow me on Twitter @karatage1.

  • YRF

    this gold made by???

  • economist

    I bought 40g gold today cost 6800 SR good deal or not.

  • Khaleel

    dear all, any one who know wre we can buy Gold in Dammam / Al Khobar for best price, any bank, exchange or dealer… please advice me at thanks in advance, fi aman Allaha

  • Akhtar

    i bought 50grams 24k gold in qunfudah saudiaarabia by 9300SR. is it not expensive?

    • Akhtar

      at 16 May 2013

  • Abdul Basith

    No more new comments? Come on people gold price is getting low day by day… leave some comments…. Awaiting 🙂

  • i bought last may 8, 18k saudi gold wedding ring 13.9 grams worth 2950 saudi rials. Is that too much expensive?

  • Quazi Mujawez

    Assalam walekum, I want to ask that is this is the correct time for gold investment?

  • ali

    Hi yesterday i bought bangles 21kr 170Sr/gram from makkah is it correct rate and i bouget 24kr 185Sr/ gram.

  • Arshad

    this showing price is accurate

    i bought 60 Gm last night in 10600
    including 13% preparation cost.

    its fine

  • Imran Ahmed

    hello dears

  • Imran Ahmed

    i am a new member of this community


    hi can I buy find way to buy one gramme of (18K) by 25 dollars if yes i can by even 700 grammes that is my face book if some one have a way for me i can even travel any where

  • gausulazam

    Very expansive…700/2.5=280 SR Per Gram, as per above list, today Gold rate of 21K is 137 SR. So 137*2.5= 324 SR only,

    So u put 700-324=376 SR for making charge?????
    Generally making charge varies from 8 to 20SR. For ring u can put max of 30 riyal.. So you total cost for 2.5 should me 2.5x(137+30)= 418 SR ( maximum).
    Just go n sell it and buy from some where else. You will get double of 2.5 gm.

  • fatzain

    I would suggest dont buy wait for fews days

  • ims

    too much expnsv ya.. accordng to 2days rate it shud b apprx 370 sar……

  • muhammed younus

    well ! guyz I came to know that the gold rates are expected to be even more lower, as a european country is selling all its gold to counter its inflation… how far its true ???

  • AQ

    I bout 40KG of gold on 30th June for 642000 SR, Did i do anything wrong?

  • Nahid

    how is it possible 135 sr gram

  • Himanshu

    Hi i want to purchase 50 gm gold biscuit of 24k from riyadh can anyone tell me how much it will cost me and from where should i buy the gold biscuit from riyadh.

  • malik S

    I am planning to buy 100g. shall i wait or go for purchase?
    Before i bought 100g for 15000 SAR but seems its increasing.
    please send me your feedback to

    • AQ

      Its better that you wait for another week or so, the federal reserve purchase decision will surely pump the time thus lowering the cost of the gold.

      • malik S

        but it seems prices are increasing.

        • AQ

          My Friend!
          Since last three days it is persistently decreasing

  • Richard George

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    P.O.BOX 1690,Central-Accra,

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    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr.Kweku Adjei.

  • dada

    how much cost if the total carats of white gold is 11.7grams?



  • Suku Karulai

    now gold price one gram very cheap 22 carat 146 sr only good

  • Suku Karulai

    Today best price 22 karat one gram 142 .48 riyal ……good rate

  • Ahmed

    bought gold biscuit of 31+50 gms, SR 176 per gram, on 20th Aug. from Khobar Gold Market, is that a fair price ?


    • hamid

      yes its fair price

  • Benish

    I bought 100g suisse gold bar in saudi arabia it have SGCO mark instead of PAMP,
    I want to know what SGCO stands for, i am worried about this bar is real or not, any one expert in this field please guide me. Thanks.

  • Onyeoma

    Hello, i am in Saudi around Khobar area. i want to start investing in Gold. which karat is the most fashionable and valuable at the same time? how much is Gold price at at today? is there any place i can get it cheaper or something..this is my first time. i dont want to buy it expensive.Help

    • hamid

      just keep buying the 24carat gold …on SIP bases example monthly 10grm to 20gram… and keep doing this as long as u r in saudi,,,consider this as your retirement plan …you will have a good saving…
      then best way to negotiate the price is just as 7 to 10 SR to the given daily price.. (168.25 +7)= 175.25 will be good price for today 1st sept

  • avren

    I bought 18k saudi gold 2.6g for 600sr correct price?

  • sajid

    sir today I am going one gold shoap I will see in net 22 k 146 something but delear say 167 sar per gram this is wright or wrong

    • Ali

      Dear always market price is different then online gold price because in online price are the prices of interbank. So in mar
      ke check with 2-3 gold shop and then buy from the one which is reasonable.

  • baig2674

    asalam a alykum

  • baig2674

    anyone give me a advice to purchase gold at this time

    • Ali

      wait for some time still market is unstable no one can say anything

  • Dania

    3 to 4 yers ago115 , 116…..

    • dania

      it was the best price

  • Guest

    what should be the market price of a 3 gram 22K gold ring today ?

  • xee

    i want to buy Gold Biscuit around 50 to 60 Gram from Makkah,,,they will charge me same price or some extra like ..please give me suggestion if somebody knows about it..and in Makkah which is better shop to buy Pure Gold

  • sha

    which bank sell gold in dammam

  • chandana

    I want buy 20grms in 22kt can I do this?

  • sajid

    how much gold rate more go down and Why? do you know anyone?

  • sajid

    what the reason of Gold prices instability

  • Goldsmith

    Dear I like to buy gold biscuit 100gms what a best price I can get buy tomorrow?

  • Kishore

    Hi guys I want buy 10 grams Gold coin 2 pieces which brand best one some body tell me.

  • hamid

    yesterday I purchased .24 Karat 50 grams gold for SAR 8550.from Malabard gold shop.Isthe rate is O.K

  • Akhtar Hamid Samad

    Hello to all

  • Roshni Malik

    Hi want to buy gold 24 k,what suitable time to purchase?

  • Wasim

    Lulu gold price is always best because they sell 22 karrot gold, other shops dont sell 22 karrot

  • Jeyam

    I want to buy 4 bangles for 48gr. It is right time to buy in India? Pl. indicate.

  • Shahnwaz Akhtar

    Hi what is the price for 100 Grams Gold Biscuit today..

  • HaliGirl Katniss

    Why are all country allowing the wall street criminal CME and Reuters to set the price of silver and gold. We know they are rigging the system for the paper derivative markets, and yet we do not start a class action law suit to stop this thievery.

  • Sathiyamoorthy.S

    nice price.rush to buy gold this time

  • pj

    xD i bought wedding ring yesterday 21k…
    totaL 3.5 gram…
    cost 800 saudi riyaL 🙁
    its that ok?

    • pj

      xD i bought wedding ring yesterday 21k…
      totaL 3.5 gram…
      cost 800 saudi riyaL 🙁
      is that ok?

  • frank

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is frank am 20yrs old an orphan,my parents died in a
    severe accident 2yrs ago. The reason am writing you is that 2 days ago I
    was arranging my late fathers room because am planing to rent the house
    so I can pay for my school fees and I saw a metal box. Have tried to
    opened it and it was a consignment contain 55kgs of gold which there was
    a letter saying 97.9% and 23carat. Please I want a God fearing man to
    help me sell this gold,take me as his son and take care of me in my
    education,am ready to split the money 50/50 with you and you help me
    invest my money so I can further my education. Please reply me if you
    can help me.



    thank you


  • Manuel Macasa

    Where can i buy a white gold necklace for men? My budget is 550 sar. Pls help

  • Mariam Ami

    We are writing to you this time to advertise the availability of our
    main products, alluvial gold and diamonds in bulk quantities.
    We have Gold Dust,Gold Bar & Rough Diamond in stock for sale looking
    for buyer worldwide to do long term business relationship with our
    firm. As we
    represent a large number of local surface mining, we are prepared to
    provide quantities up to 400 kilograms of 24.karat alluvial gold

    Price $25,000 per kilo

    Quality: 22+. karat alluvial Au COMMODITY … … AU DUST PURITY
    ………. 97.87 QUANTITY … . 200 KILOS (1st DELIVERY ORIGIN … ..
    Best Regards

    Phone 00233272715627

  • Parvez Ahmed

    Hi I am in Ha’il Saudi Arabia, I would like to invest my savings in gold. Would you recommend STF’s or buying gold bars?.. Where could I buy Gould bars in Ha’il. Thank you

  • Ahs

    Hello,I bought yesterday 21k saudi gold necklace with ring it cost 1,200 riyals..Is that expensive?thanks

  • Irene

    مرحبا بالجميع،
    اسمي Mrs.Esther الملكة. أنا أعيش في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية، وأنا امرأة سعيدة اليوم؟ وقلت في نفسي أن أي بنك أن إنقاذ عائلتي من وضع الفقراء لدينا، وسأشير أي شخص أن يبحث عن قرض له، وقال انه قدم لي السعادة بالنسبة لي ولعائلتي، كنت في حاجة الى قرض من 150،000.00 $ ل أبدأ حياتي في جميع أنحاء وأنا أم وحيدة مع الأطفال 2 التقيت هذا القرض المقرض رجل صادق والله خوفا من أن تساعدني بقرض قيمته 150،000.00 الولايات المتحدة $. الدولار، وقال انه هو خشية رجل الله، إذا كنت في حاجة الى قرض، وسوف سداد القرض يرجى الاتصال به أقول له ان Mrs.Irene سؤال، التي تحيل إليه. الاتصال السيد مارك هاري، عبر البريد الإلكتروني: ( شكرا لك.

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    (4) مدة القرض:
    (5) عدد الهاتف الخلوي:
    (6) المهنة:
    (7) الدخل الشهري:
    (8) الجنس:
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    (10) هل تقدمت من قبل؟
    (11) التالي من الملك: ……………….

    أفضل التحايا،
    السيد مارك هاري

  • Shahani Domaoal

    I bought a couple rings last march 11,2018 21k 3.4grms 700sar is that a correct price?