Gold for Green Investors

Raw Gold

Gold for Green Investors “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin   “Invest” itself as a word has many risks and dangerous factors unless you have the right knowledge, especially when … Continue reading

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Most popular types of gold

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

1 – the average gold Known for each turquoise, bright yellow (caliber 21) or red italics (caliber 18 )1Types of gold 1 – alloys:Pure gold is 24 carat and be in the form of blocks … Continue reading

Types of gold

A look on Comex market

 Gold is determined by the type of materials added to the pure gold:  Pure gold is not hard enough to fit to the jewelry industry, but it is mixed with copper or silver, nickel or … Continue reading

Purification of gold newly

gold core

Purification are newly separated gold from dust, silt and other impurities by strong currents of water to remove sand and alluvial, and keep gold in a place due to the high density of gold has been used mercury to dissolve gold without the sand and silt.Then finds the gold from the mercury by distilling the latter. It also draws a presentation at the gold mining copper and silver. There are chemical methods to extract gold, which is … Continue reading

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