U.S labor data could affect gold price decline

Gold price technical analysis 14 - june, 2013

From a personal point of view, I think the positive Labor data came today from USA about the employment, could cause a rise in the US dollar value. We had watched a positive data. The data was about – The unexpected data set that the unemployment rate declined by 23000 – it is a huge number for the improvement in the labor market.

I expect that we will watch a rise in the USD and the US stock market. But when it came to gold i think gold price wil end at the green area but the profits will be less than the beginning of the day. Gold price could record a decline tomorrow and a rise in the US dollar expected.

Gold price affected by Bernanke Speech in which all the hopes, was about the assets purchase stop. But it did not happend that is one of the reason behind gold price rise.