Types of gold

A look on Comex market

 Gold is determined by the type of materials added to the pure gold:  Pure gold is not hard enough to fit to the jewelry industry, but it is mixed with copper or silver, nickel or platinum to increase the Kingdom of metals, at the same time improves their distinctive colors, few of copper makes it redder in color, and silver, they give it a tinge of whiteness, while increasing the proportion of platinum to 25% or 15% nickel produces an ingot is called white gold, white gold is a mixture of gold with 12% palladium, or 15% nickel, and can be tilted gold color to the color pink by mixing with 5% silver and 20% copper, and the color green italics to be achieved by mixing 75% gold with 25% silver, or with zinc and cadmium. And tilted to the color blue is mixed with a little gold from iron, but if the gold is mixed with 20% aluminum, the resulting color will be purple, and can control the degree of redness of gold and by increasing or decreasing the amount of copper added.