The world’s 2nd largest Gold Producer: Newmont Corporation

newmont mining

Newmont Corporation is mainly a gold producer with operations and assets in Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana and the United States.

This company is second largest gold producer in the world in terms of ounces produced, and gold sales make up 83%.

Newmont Company sells gold for use in the production of electronics, dental equipment jewelry, industrial and ornamental products, medals and official coins, such as gold bullion for gold investors.

Newmont is famous for its copper production, its make about 17%.earnings after gold sales.

Its copper supply is being composed of both current production and recycled scrap, which Newmont refiners to sell for use in cable products, wire and, consumer electronics, nerve production, and many other mechanical uses.

Newmont produced approximately 5.4 in December 2010 million equity ounces of gold annually and held proven and credible reserves of about 93.5 million.

There are approximately 34,000 employees and workers in Newmont Company.

Newmont is the most valued and respected mining company in the world. To do this, they challenge their employees to find their element; to focus on their personal and professional growth.