Technical analysis for crude oil – 29 May 2013

Technical analysis for crude oil -14 June 2013

Technical analysis for crude oil – 29 May 2013 — The WTI  market passed by a strong presentation during the session on Tuesday, but showed some weakness by the end of the day ,and closed at about $ 95.00. This is, of course, a large integer and an important move in the oil market, but in the end, it has been hacked several times recently, for that I decided to ignore it. However, Oil showed interest to the fact that the, last four hours candle seemed somewhat resistant.

I still think that we are trapped between the level of  $92.00  and $97.00  along the near future. By looking at the market, I think that we are in the middle of the earth open, and as a result, you should not really get involve in any trading process. Imagine if i am going to take short positions in this market, when the hack came below the level of $ 95.00 what i am going to do, but there is enough in the bottom which could cause more lose for any investors.

the only thing i can say today about the trading keep away from the market.