Selling gold for cash with The Gold Company

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If you are looking for cash for gold, The Gold Company is an industry leader in customer-based Precious-metal trading. When you choose to sell gold with The Gold Company, we take you through a transparent and sophisticated valuation process that takes into account the current spot price of the day, the weight of your piece, and the refining cost to give you a final price.

If you opt to order a GoldPak from our website, we’ll dispatch it immediately with all the information you need to sell gold. Once it arrives at your address, enclose your gold jewellery, and post it back to our CBD offices. You can be assured that your gold will be fully secure as our partnership with Australia Post enables us to offer $15,000 of free insurance with your GoldPak. Alternatively, if you prefer face-to-face consultation when you choose to sell gold, you can choose to visit our offices by calling to make an appointment or simply walking in.

Next, one of our gold specialists will value your gold. Using specialist equipment, the value of your items is determined by calculating the gold that will be recovered after refining the items. To determine the gold content of your piece, we use a Thermo scientific XRF regardless of whether the item is marked (stamped). To determine weight, we place it on our highly calibrated scale to determine the weight. Our valuation is based on the recoverable gold and the spot price of the day. With the current high gold price trends and our transparent valuation process offering around 80%of your recoverable gold, we find many customers are often surprised at how much their unwanted jewellery is worth.

Within 24 hours of our receiving your GoldPak – or immediately if you choose to visit in person -you will be contacted with an offer for your precious gold pieces. If you decide to accept our offer and sell your gold for cash, we’ll immediately deposit the money for your gold in your account or you can opt for cash or cheque.

Selling your gold for cash with The Gold Company is an easy and transparent process that promises to give you a fair price for your gold.