Q&A about How to invest in gold?

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

Investing in gold is a very easy process, today investment investment by many meta banks in the world, where you can buy

And sell gold on a daily basis, this is the method adopted among the top investors in gold in the world, of course, intended to trade gold Paukiet

Stored in the international banks, while also possible to trade in gold jewelery Kalmtajerh pictures of other cosmetic or any other things made from this metal.

I want to invest in gold, what are the first steps?

Trading in gold require you opening a trading account in the international banks, or through the banks of electronic trap mediation, which provides methods of trading through the Web, the Internet, where can shops to buy gold unit ounce each, and which is determined by the price the world automatically and is not constant, just like prices, foreign exchange, the establishment of rolling these deals from your computer or even mobile.

What is a unit of weight used in the gold markets?

Ounce, which is about 30 grams of pure gold is traded in the world’s central banks, which determine the prices of foreign currencies in the world through the changes that may occur in the price of ounce.

What is the price per ounce, and how you can profit from buying them?

Ounce price changes every moment, a continuous rise in four years ago, now fetch up to more than U.S. $ 1600

What is the number of Alaokiet which can be purchased in the financial markets?

This is determined by the brokerage firm that traded with them, the maximum rate determined by the major companies could be up to about 100 thousand troy ounce, could also buy more of these quantities through certain techniques of the other.

Is it possible to sell all the time? Is possible that the person is not available for purchase sometimes?

This possibility is always available, as long as I was able to purchase, always will be able to sell, without any limitation to the size of the transaction,

What is the minimum time within which to reflect the profits?

Price of an ounce of gold is always changing, if you purchase one ounce to $ 1600, it is likely to rise or drop the price in a few moments only, for example, the price was down to 1590 dollars an hour and then come back again rise to 1610 within an hour

Is it possible to determine a future price for the sale of gold Automatically?

Yes majority of mediation enables rolling trap to determine the selling price, or even purchase automatically without the need to monitor market