Precious Gold Anytime, Anywhere


Viewed by most cultures gold has always been remarkable significance, it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Gold has been a symbol of power and wealth. It has captivated most cultures around the world, and the desire for it has commanded to the destruction of some cultures and the growth in status of others.

United States

In the process of discovering America, the search for gold was responsible for the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus was attracted to precious metal, and this directed him to set forth from Spain. Christopher Columbus aim was to find a western way to India and China, in an attempt to find the source of China’s gold.

Ancient Central American tribes used to give gold to their gods, usually throwing it into a sacred river or lake.

Ancient Rome

Gold was mostly popular during this era. When the culture and the cities began to grow, Rome fascinated talented artisans who could create an inclusive range of jewelry, including, rings, cameo pins earrings, headdresses and pendants. Historians believe that the tradition of using a ring to symbolize an engagement came from the Roman era.


Gold was used in variable degrees “in Asian countries”. In Buddhist Afghanistan Archaeologists have discovered pieces of gold jewelry dating from around the time of the birth of Christ.
Also, Gold was used as a tile in bronze items and different types of jewelry in china.


Several African cultures used gold on a large scale. In most cases, gold was used to create objects to redecorate the courts of their chiefs and leaders.

Numerous countries had superior workshops used exclusively for the production of gold artifacts. The products from these workshops were often very extravagant and were principally used for ceremonial purposes

Gold  has always been prevalent through different times and civilizations. It’s the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity.