Obama warns of continued market turmoil because of the problems of Europe


U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday its deep concern on the crisis in the euro area and said the market turmoil will continue until the reach Europe for a concrete plan to deal with the problems of sovereign debt. Obama’s comments and adds a new voice to stay out of Europe, demanding strongeraction to deal with the crisis two years ago … Continue reading

Gold falls one percent

Gold prise is pushed up by the Comex market

Gold prices dropped 1.1 percent on Wednesday, tracking losses of the euro on concernsthat the debt crisis of the common currency area may extend to France’s second largest economy in the cluster, while Greece and Italy are struggling to save their economies. The people come to gold in times of economic turmoil and political as a safe … Continue reading

Germany will not give up its gold reserves


Said German Economy Minister Philippe Ruizlr today could not be jeopardized Germany’s gold reserves at the Central Bank so to add his voice to the voices of opposition to the ideathat it was discussed at the summit of the Group of Twenty to use the reserves in promotingthe plan to rescue the euro area. And that he should … Continue reading

The global economy is a big maze

Barclays: the global economy on the road to recovery despite the continuing risk

Economic transformation the world into something like a maze, overlapped with international interests, colorful monetary policies, ups and downs are not justified, gold, oil, dollar, financial markets, and inflation on the one hand and unemployment … Continue reading

European and U.S. stock exchange trading week to ends on large declines

2.4% growth forecast for the world economy in 2013

Stock Exchange concluded the “Wall Street” of America, yesterday on the transactionsmass decline of key indicators, and lost the Dow Jones industrial average 240.60points, to close at 10913.40 points, down by 2.16%. The benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 “S & P 500” broader, by 28.98 points, to settle at 1131.42 points, a decline of 2.50%. The Nasdaq Composite Index “Nasdaq” and thetechnology-laced, trading down by 65.36 points, to reach the level of 2415.40 points, a decline … Continue reading

Concern is growing in the euro zone on Italy

Italians income descended to levels of 27 years ago

Concern is growing that Italy suffered the same fate of Greece and the rest of the “crisis of the euro” on the one hand and weaken growth prospects of the Italian economy on the other hand .. The IMF asked Italy to abide by the strict restrictions on spending to reducepublic debt and reduce the burden on its economy After the government … Continue reading