U.S. stocks end the first session of the year, up

2.4% growth forecast for the world economy in 2013

Concluded Stock Exchange, “Wall Street” of America, the first trading sessions for the new year, yesterday, Tuesday, at a height of collective key indicators, and gain the Dow Jones industrial average 179.82 points, to settle at 12397.40 points, an increase of 1.47%. The index of the S & P 500 “S & P 500” wider by 19.46 points, to settle at 1277.06 points,an … Continue reading

U.S. stocks rise at close

2.4% growth forecast for the world economy in 2013

U.S. stocks rose at the close on Friday as stock markets continued their recoverysupported by strong economic data is unexpected. The latest available data, the Dow Jones industrial ‭ to DJI jumped 124.35 points, or 1.02 percent to 12294.00 points, while the benchmark S & P 500 ‭ broader 11.33 points, or 0.90percent to 1265.33 points. The Nasdaq Composite Index, which is dominated by technology stocks 19.19 points, or 0.74 percent … Continue reading

Global markets and U.S.A


Global markets were shaken yesterday as a new man back most of the key indicators after data showed slowing economic growth in the United States for previous estimates in the third quarter of the year … Continue reading

Crisis in Italy


Italy’s economy shrank in the third quarter of the year to put the country on the path of what is expected to be a long period of stagnation due to heavy debt burdens that required … Continue reading

French austerity


voted in the majority of the members of the National Assembly in France in favor of the draft budget which contains the austerity plans, which proclaimed by the government during the past three months. These measures include higher taxes on soft drinks and imposing a new tax on the rich and the temporary reduction of disease compared to the holiday to … Continue reading