Ishtamberdy Gold Mine Requests Economy Ministry to Authorize Export to China


(Kitco News) – A mine has been built at Ishtamberdy gold deposit, they have prepared concentrates, and asked the Economy Ministry to allow export of 60 tons of gold ore to Beijing (China) where the factory on extraction of arsenic operates,” member of the public supervisory board of the State bureau for Geology and Mineral assets of Kyrgyzstan Markel Ibraev said on December 19.

“Meanwhile, persons of Talas district are dissatisfied that Jerooy gold mine does not operate. In 2009, they obtained borrowings at interest rates, but they cannot fulfill the payments due to job loss. The persons do not understand how to explain the issue,” the professional proceeded.

In addition to, Jamgyr mine functions on the rotating scheme, the ore is extracted and dispatched to Balkhash.