Investment Choice: Kangaroo or Panda gold coins?

Panda VS Kangaroo2

Investment gold coins are gold pieces minted after 1800 that contain at least 90 percent of pure gold. Such coins serve as stores of value or for speculation on the gold price. In other words, it’s gold bullion bars in the shape and design of a coin.

The reason why gold coins cost more per ounce than gold bars is because of the coins’ scarcity, collectability, and demand. Almost all major coins release a new variation every year, and once a certain year’s production is finished, that variation of the coin will never be produced again. This creates a rarity and demand that goes beyond the value of the gold contained within each coin.

We here introduce some of the most famous of these bullion coins. One of the most prominent gold coins are the Chinese panda and the Australian kangaroo, they both share a common feature that every year the design of the coin changes.

The Kangaroo is a pure, legal-tender gold coin (.9999 fine) and comes in one-ounce (troy), ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, 1/10 ounce and 1/20 ounce sizes. The Kangaroo also comes uniquely in a kilo-sized gold coin weighing 32.15 ounces which made it the first bullion gold coins at these sizes.

On the other hand the gold Chinese panda coins are minted in 99.99% fine Gold.The Gold Panda Coins are very popular with both coin collectors and investors and also it comes in 4 sizes: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. They expanded their repertoire to include 1/20 oz and 1 g versions in 1983.

The design of the Chinese gold panda is much more sophisticated detailing and the annual design changes make the China Panda Gold Coins unique and attractive.

On the contrary the gold Nuggets from 1986-1988 pictured lumps that looked like meteorites, or maybe just clods of dirt. Thankfully, in 1989, this design was changed to feature different Kangaroos, a more world recognized symbol of Australia.

Comparison between the panda & kangaroo gold coins:
• One ounce Coin: The kangaroo is 32.10 mm as the Panda.
• Half Ounce Coin: The Kangaroo’s diameter is 25.10 mm while the Panda is 27 mm.
• Quarter ounce coin: the kangaroo is 20.10 mm while the panda is 21.95 mm.
• Tenth ounce coin: the kangaroo is 16.10 mm while the panda is 17.95 mm.

• One ounce coin: the kangaroo is 31.162 gm. while the panda is 31.1036 gm.
• Half Ounce Coin: The kangaroo is 15.594 gm. while the panda is 15.5517 gm.
• Quarter ounce coin: the kangaroo is 7.807 gm. while the panda is 7.7758 gm.
• Tenth ounce coin: the kangaroo is 3.133 gm. while the panda is 3.1103 gm.
Both coins are 24 karats with .9999 finess

In my opinion the gold panda coin is much more popular coin for investors and collectors alike and its design is more unique and attractive than the kangaroo gold coin. Pardon me, but the Panda got the looks. Both are 24 karat coins with almost the same dimensions and the same value, why not get the cute one?