Investing in gold

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Investing in gold is a very easy process, could be the day the investment through several banks in the world, where you can buy
And sell gold on a daily basis, this is the method adopted among the top investors in gold in the world, of course, intended to trade goldPaukiet
Stored in the international banks, while also possible to trade in goldjewelery Kalmtajerh pictures of other cosmetic or any other things made ​​from this metal.
I want to invest in gold, what are the first steps?
Trading in gold require you opening a trading account in the international banks, or through the banks of electronic trap mediation, which providesmethods of trading through the Web, the Internet, where can shops to buy gold unit ounce each, and which is determined by the price the world automatically and is not constant, just like prices, foreign exchange, the establishment of rolling these deals from your computer

  • Alexandra Kikonga

    Hi there,i like to do this ,but no idea of how to start specialy about the lisence? please help if some body can.

    • choose one of the company on our web site and i can advise you by etoro cause of the copy trading way just register on it and they are going to call you and learn you every thing and there i a virtual training you can start it
      follow our news and you will know where is the gold going

  • Jerome Stallworth

    Considering investing in gold. Always use to purchase gold on the streets,pawn or sell it later for more than i purchased it. I always wanted to no the business. Can you lead me in the right direction,explaining trading. Can i trade all over the world or just the US? What are the risk? Can I just accumulate on the market and sell at a later date? How do jewelry stores accumulate so much gold in their avenue stores.

    • street gold trading is long term investment you log to a store and you buy gold keep it home until the price rise you sale it and collect profit- to trade globally try forex companies

  • Jerome Stallworth

    why Forex commpanies? I’m on a journey to raise my financail Intelligence. How can I raise my intelligence on gold investing?how do i no what companies to trust. Is it wise to store gold. What is gold trading