Google celebrates the anniversary of Howard Carter’s


Celebrate the global search engine Google on Wednesday the 138 anniversary of the birth of the English archaeologist and an expert Egyptologist Howard Carter, science, and who became famous because of his discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings in Luxor.
According to the World Encyclopedia Carter began studying inscriptions and drawings in Egypt at the beginning of his youth before he is famous for his discovery raised the back of Queen Hatshepsut in the cemetery of the monastery sea in 1899.
Leave Carter Egypt in 1905 after a dispute with some of the guards responsible for the Egyptian tombs at the time, then returned Carter in 1907 that you know the Lord Carnarvon, a amateur enthusiasts and who was willing to finance missions Carter exploratory and became Carter is responsible for all acts of exploration to Carnavon.
And in 1922, and after 15 Aamamn Find, Give Carnavon to Carter one last season to complete the excavation and found traces of an important and only will stop funding research.
In the fourth of November 1922, Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun, “as. P-62”, which is the best tomb found throughout history, where it did not affect by the Valley of the Kings.
Carter sent a telegram to Lord Carnarvon to come. And in the twenty-sixth of November, 1922, and the presence of Carnarvon and his daughter, and the presence of the other, the Carter work “Fracture little” famous in the corner north of the entrance to the cemetery, and became visible to the eye by candle light, as seen effects gold for the cemetery in addition to the archaeological treasures of wood Ebony, which remained in place ever since.
And even then you do not know yet whether Carter is a “cemetery or just hiding,” but make sure when he saw a clear seal doors unguarded between the statues. When asked by Carnarvon “Have you found something,” said yes “amazing things”.
But, unfortunately, was not Carter’s secretary when dealing with the shrine Royal, where dealing with there private property in addition to a barbarity in dealing with the mummy of King, where he lit the fire beneath the coffin Golden Taoist of the mummy to separate him where she was attached to it by oils and Alratnjiat He separated the head from the body became bad mummy conservation and fragmented, he also broke into the shrine and is funded by the Royal Carnarvon and his daughter.
And embezzlement of a lot of Allqaya archaeological without the dangers of the Egyptian government has issued a book on the Sunrise House entitled “stealing the king of Egypt” tells the background of Carter and Carnarvon and the reason for their coming to Egypt and the details of the discovery of the shrine Royal and the number of Allqaya monuments that have been looted and the story of smuggling the head of Nefertiti and try to steal the Egyptian Museum documented English and U.S.