Gold price is doing Harlem shake

Gold price is doing Harlem shake

Gold price is doing Harlem shake — from 11 to 15 April, 2013 Gold price declined by 5.82%. It was the beginning of gold price Harlem shake, when most of investors ver their way and they starts to sell gold, and they went to buy the US stocks. We watched Gold price collaps.

It was expected for gold price to reach the level of $2000 USD/Ounce of gold by the end of the year, due to the continus of the US economy to decline, so we was expected that gold is going to be the stable safe heaven for the investors, but USA had another word in this issue. USA worked on a certain program to improve its economy which had a bad impact on gold price.

unexpected shake in gold market

we had watched the improvement of the US economy or we can say the Cure of the US economy. it starts by the bonds share policy for the US government which organise the market in other word it organise the bond supply and demand. Which lead to the increase of demand on the US share, Gold price is affected by the US stock and the rise of the US dollar after the decline of Euro infront of the US dollar. We can not blame the investors for heading  to the US dollar and the US stock, because it is really safe, but frankly we can say not for a long time.

One day we were astonished by gold price which had declined to the level of $1395 USD/Ounce of gold, and the rise of the US dollar, then we watched a return for gold price or the cure of gold price, but not for today we watch now a slight decline by 0.01%, i think it is a new stable point for gold we could watch another rise in the near future.

Gold is doing harlem shake, always un expected move done, so i wish for this harlem shake to be end soon or we will face a lot of problems.

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