Gold is a bright yellow metal

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

.. There are in the form of blocks can reflect light .. The Cefaúha seems thin green or blue .. The gold section finely painted metal Vimes accurate .. While there are other types of gold ranging in color from ruby ​​and purple.The gold in the transition team number (1 b) of the periodic table of chemical elements, and atomic number (79), and the mass of atomic any atomic weight (196.967), and a density of 19.3 g / cc, and melt gold at a temperature of (1064) ° C, and boils at (2856) degrees Celsius, and gold a good conductor of heat and electricity.Scientists have tried since the dawn of history to convert any other elements that went to no avail, that the gold on earth has Otaha When you configure the Earth through the cosmic ash from the explosion of which are great. , And collect the ashes emerging with the other components of the land and be the planet, but formed the solar system as a whole, and while Taatkhalq light elements (such as helium, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc.) in the stars medium like the sun to iron (atomic weight 56), the element of a heavy, such as gold and atomic weight about 197 – and a density of 19.3 g / cc can not consist only in the intense heat, such as those produced by the explosion of a star, then hit the atoms and particles to each other and attach to part of some, is made up of heavy metals such as gold, and all the heavy elements heavier than iron formed only Alastar great explosion.Scientists have been able in the modern era convert other elements into gold by neutron or bumped Bonueh or other atoms in nuclear reactors, but way too expensive.The pure gold of the most viable ways of minerals, clouds, where you can beat him or his ways, even up to the density (0.000013) cm. Can be formed as a gold wire length (100) kilometers from the amount of $ (29) grams. And gold and one of the most metal texture with soft, with a hardness of (2.5) to (3) on a scale hardness.And gold is very inert metal which is not affected by air or heat or humidity. And dissolves in acids concentrated mineral known, such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric, and nitric If the individual, but dissolves in aqua regia (a mixture of acid, hydrochloric and nitric centers),