Gold for Green Investors

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Gold for Green Investors

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


“Invest” itself as a word has many risks and dangerous factors unless you have the right knowledge, especially when it comes to gold as investment or stock markets. Knowledge is everything as it can drive you to endless profit or loss.


Well so, is gold the best investment for me? Why?

The answer is absolutely YES! Through years gold has proven that it holds the best value of your money, gold price has never been down since the day people started trading gold, its value raises in average of 15% through the last 8 years gaining in total 150% raise in value.


Guess you bought a single gold ounce in 2004 for $409 now it values from $1,650 to $18,00 USD in average in 2013. See! You gained %220 on your gold investment. Well that was a long term investment challenge, how about those who bough an ounce of gold just 2 years ago they bought it for an average of $1,400 USD/Ounce now it is $1,650 USD/Ounce gaining a profit of $250 USD/Ounce.


How to invest in gold?

Investing in gold has two different plans. For those who love to invest in real physical gold, they would prefer the long term plan by buying gold ounces, coins and bars at its best lowest price, save it and sell it when a good chance come.


For those who like the fast cycle capital moves they would invest in spot gold market, means that they invest their money on what is called “Forex” through buying gold virtually from banks and keep an eye over the fast market changes and those kind of operations takes almost few hours between the buy and sell operations and it has high risk, so it is recommended only for professional investors as the gold price can raise and fall in few minutes and that’s all what they need to make wealth.


When to invest in gold?

It has never been too late to invest in gold; the best time to invest in gold was 30 years ago, and the second best time to invest in gold is absolutely right now. Keep an eye on the market watch it closely and take the shoot whenever the price geos down to a reasonable price, but don’t wait it for too long as the gold price may raise in few minutes dropping all your plans.


Here you are few tips and resources to watch the gold market

–       Check the current gold price

–       Watch for the monthly gold moves [URL]

–       Or open a demo Forex account with any trusted broker to download their demo trader and practice to watch and do simple gold trades to get more experience.