Germany is trying to avoid the potential bankruptcy of Greece


German Chancellor called on today to avoid any process out of control in the euro area and any potential bankruptcy of Greece according to the scenario hesitate frequently in Germany for several days. I think we give Greece a great service that we have reduced the speculation to the fullest extent, and this encouraged the country to meet its obligations

She said we are working with all available means to prevent that and avoid the absolute priority is to find out of control because it touches not only Greece, but would apply to everyone

Greece also ruled out of the euro area and confirmed once again the already clearly expressed my position that he must do everything possible to keep the euro-zone political and the Greek government is aware of the situation and do what should be

The Minister of the German economy today said that Athens may not be able to pay its debts. Raises the atmosphere of panic in the European bourses.

The process, consisting of a group of experts of the European Commission and European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund and charged with assessing the progress made ​​by Athens in the application of the reform program, suddenly left Greece on 2 September and scheduled to return to Athens later.