Era of golden ages (Pharaohs)

Gold and ancient Egyptian (pharaohs golden age)

When we talk about gold in ancient Egypt we are not talking about a metal or just gift, gold was more than a precious metal found in the Egyptian land, for pharaohs it reached the point that gold is the way of communication in old Egypt, they know how to form the gold alloy and reshape the gold forming accessories for women, shaping statues and making thread of clothes from the gold (it was formed only for the king and the high rank ministers of the king), gold was used in trading between each other, your rank was determined by the amount of gold you had plus your education level but you cannot separate gold from any aspect of life, they are the first nation know how to form the gold alloy and shaping it to form a specific shape of statue or a piece of accessory, it was the communication aspect between people.

The pharaohs used gold for important gods and kings, and their gold staff was buried with them after they die because pharaohs believe in life after death concept, pharaohs believe that they will be revived back again to life so they had to keep their  property.

pharaohs used to worship a lot of gods, they used to had gods for wars and love etc…., one of those gods was Horus the god of war

so we will mention the most important gold figures in the ancient Egyptian life (Pharaos golden age)


pharaohs hours

pharaohs hours

Hours was a strong worrier he was the son of Isis, then he was signified as a god and he was worshiped by the pharaohs he was also known as the patron of the old Egyptian kingdom he had a lot significant like the red crown as a symbol of power for pharaohs also the famous wedjat eye of Hours, hunter in ancient Egypt believe in Hours as a god of hunting too due to his high abilities in hunting as a falcon.

Hours is known also as a falcon head and human body, thats also what we know from the stories over pharaohs wall.


Pharaohs Osiris

Pharaohs Osiris

Osiris was the after life god for ancient Egyptian, he was a symbol of rebirth and regeneration in which Osiris we could consider it as a symbol of  immortality.

Osiris wife was Isis and the famous myth about them in which his brother Set prepare for a conspiracy with the Queen of Ethiopia in assassination of Osiris in which Set deceived his brother to get into box and Set shut the box and sealed the box into the nile river Isis searched the box for his remains and she found him after that embedded in a tamarind tree trunk, which was holding up the roof of a palace in Bybols on the Phoenician coast. She started to remove the coffin and she open it, but her husband Osiris was dead.

she through a spell she had learned from her father  (Pharaohs was known by magic) she had bring him back to life after this he died and she buried him in a secret place in the Egyptian desert.


Tuthankhamun Pharaohs

Tuthankhamun Pharaohs

Tuthankhamun one of the most famous Pharaos in ancient Egypt he belongs to the 18 dynasty he ruled Egypt from 1332 BC – 1323 BC, in the ancient Egyptian history his era known by the new kingdom, he was the son of Akhenaten, he ended the worship of god Aten and worship the god Amun also he started to build new projects while he was the king.