Dubai Gold Awaits Indian Windfall


(Gulf News) – Dubai: UAE’s gold and jewelry trade aspires to be a direct beneficiary as India enforces farther controls on domestic consumption of the steel in all its types. India has just raised trade obligation on bullion from 8% to 10%, which would farther lift retail prices for shoppers in India.

This is where opportunity exists for Dubai’s jewelry retailers. Already a substantial gap has built up between charges here and what the identical would cost in India. (For example, a no-frills 10-sovereign gold string of links will cost Dh2,800-Dh3,000 less if bought in the UAE as contrasted to what it would be in the southern state of Kerala, where there is a sales levy of 5%. Sales levy varies from state to state; for example Gujarat’s is lower at 1%)

But the spin-off for local jewelers will not be confined to tapping demand from Indian shoppers who want to make use of the growing cost differential. “We have heard accounts about new controls on gold buys in Pakistan and higher taxes in another place in south-east Asia, all of which significantly raises the attractiveness of buying jewelry here and then taking it back to their home countries,” said Shamlal Ahmad, director of worldwide procedures at Malabar Gold and precious gems.

While the 10% obligation on bullion adds up to the end-user charge in India, there could be further rises. Indian authorities have now constrained the buying and trading of the metal, within the homeland to those bullion companies, which can import and trade goods at the same time. What this does is restrict the provider of gold within India and add to the retail margins.

Interestingly, the retail cost spike in India has directed to a comeback in gold smuggling undertaking and some foremost seizures have been described by administration there. Plus, there has been a spurt in “parallel trades” whereby gold jewelry is conveyed into India by road from Nepal.

But UAE’s gold trade has an eye on the larger picture. “If the gap widens between retail jewelry charges here and in India, it will decisively translate into bigger demand from Indian expats, certain thing we could observer throughout the festive time of the year in October/November,” said Ahmad.

The jewelry retail sector here does need some of the lustre to return. After an exceptional month in April, when gold charges tanked and directed to a foremost upswing in buying, it has been rather calm since.