The direction of gold prices

Japanese Stock market pushed Comex down

In fact, the continues of  weakens for U.S. Dollar (USD), which is trading at 1.4430 (EURO/USD) does not help the price of gold in any form. now being traded goods near the glittering of $1,773 USD/Troy Ounce, Although the first day had reached 0.23%, this still looks very weak. In general, where the U.S. dollar US D continues to downward, moving the goods to get you the highest prices. This is because the goods are estimated in U.S. Dollars, but supply and demand is not ruled by fluctuations in the price of the dollar, but ruled in the same goods.

We recommend to our readers, to stay away from gold during the next few days until you see a real breach in $1,915 USD/Troy Ounce, or in the event that the goods are facing downwards the support at about $1,727 USD/Troy Ounce.

  • Wael Bawazeer

    I think the gold price will drop if the Europe Economic problems continue, so USD will rise front Euro.

  • saeed saleem

    i want buy to and after sale gold 24k how to buy and sale gold i am in dubai where your sale point in dubai u.a.e