Decline in gold and silver prices

A look on Comex market

Decline in the spot gold price 0.8% to $1,822.79 U.S dollars an ounce in USA, It was suspended cause an immediately increase in the price of gold at 12.2% at the beginning of the month immerse in the largest monthly increase since November 2009 rose 12.8%
Gold prices fell after rising by about 3% in the previous session, supported by the data from the  U.S. central bank for potential steps from the flag to promote growth in the U.S. has researched the bank in a number of non-traditional tools that could be used to help the economy

On the other hand, silver fell 0.1 percent to $41.35 dollars an ounce, while platinum fell 0.1%, recording   $1,847.99 an ounce.
On the other hand the high palladium 0.9% to $777.22 dollars an ounce.