Coins Dubai .. Glitter codes local history stories


Coins world keeps track of the humanitarian impact wherever it was, and enrich the history and details of the various stages of development, and woven into coins Dubai, in this context, the narratives the story of art world, becomes with them a mirror is a must to see the self and the world, with a discernible effect, it remains to reveal the history, as However, one Bosasha coins, especially in light of its role in correcting or show historical data around different specialists or Ohmloha.

And, of course, do not mean Balmeskukat here, only money, but chronicling the coins of the important events experienced by the countries of the world.

Are coins, documents and settle in the treasures of museums to speak after the passage of time. And around the different historians always, usually coins bear inscriptions and engravings. In modern times has become a stand-alone note of the coins, like other sciences, and was termed the knowledge of coins, a term derived from the Latin word «Nameos».

The Europeans called it «Nimesmtologi». And this knowledge has started to make diligent steps, which were not subject to the scientific method, then, from the seventeenth century AD, and until the nineteenth century. And then proceeded to interest money, takes a scientific character.

This is a day of science, a science major in a scientific archeology and history. In some cases, the only reference to it.

It addition, with historical information and technical, cultural, religious and mythological facts interesting and important, and these facts reflect changes in the political events in a country or a city, or telling the story of their cultural and religious faith and social customs.

This is why studying history and evolution of coins, to be considered the date on which the embossing process used for specie, the beginning of the history of art of an integrated, independent, made his way to the people. It is reflected in the constituent Balmeskukat that appear on their surfaces Anakouchet, graphics, and figures showing the financial value.


International experiences

Provide experiences of other countries in issuing gold coins laid a solid foundation for the success of the new version of the Dubai Multi Commodities, in this area. Highlights on the scene of many experiments in the field of issuing gold coins legal, it is well produced Mint «Perth Mint», in Australia, owned by Gold Corporation, Government, Gold Coin Australian «Australian Noguet», which is called the (kangaroo) since 1987 . These gold coins that are produced from high quality 24-carat gold, there are in great demand, particularly in the Asia-Pacific, although the strong sales as well as in Europe.

On the other hand, worked Mint «Rand Ravaenri» near Johannesburg, the gold coin minted called «Kreugherand» a month ago; in 1967 with high quality, from 22-carat gold. Since then, the house says it sold nearly 46 million ounces of gold this way. Kreugherand gold and currency, although the legal tender, do not have a par value registered on either side of the currency in order to confirm direct association with the prevailing value of the gold content in it.

The third aspect, the introduction of the maple leaf of Canada to the coins, in 1979, the factory by the Royal Canadian Mint, and the maple leaf and the first gold coin are traded on a large scale, and produced gold of 24 carats.

In 1998 the Mint produced the coin and gold maple leaf the relevant currency with high quality a lot. Known as the market (five nines). Today is a 24 carats gold coin of the top, the quality in circulation, as well as become the American Eagle gold coin most popular in the world in recent years, despite the relatively short history.

Since the Mint in the United States did not begin to sell 22 carat gold coin, until the year 1986. Under the gold coin of 1985, should be the golden currency is extracted again from the mines of America. It was minted American Eagle gold 22 carat.

In the context of test-firing gold coins, the Mint produces state-Austrian gold coin, «Wilharmona Vienna», since 1989 with high quality, gold 24 carats. Five years ago, entered the Mint, encyclopedias and books produced after the standard 15 copies of a giant coin «Wilharmona Vienna» gold, each weighing a thousand ounces.

As well as the Royal Mint produced a gold coin sovereign for centuries, China has the first coining of gold as «Panda» in 1982, and the gold coins bearing a different design opposite each year until 2000, when it was freezing the design. But after the request of investors, convinced officials in the state population to return to the previous policy of different designs each year.


Semantics and the keenness of

Dubai is seeking to achieve the visions of excellence at all levels. Has made important strides in this context. It has become an example of a hotbed of creativity in various fields, and thus became the «City of Gold», in the glow of a track and work on this road, is keen to reinforce that the symbols in the content of a variety of works of art, try this, the perpetuation of its contemporary history. Among these methods you use, the gold and silver coins.

Since Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, they are going in the footsteps of many countries in the world, in this field. It is well known that the coins in the history of the global sink their countries, and take them for what he symbolized by the artistic way attractive.

In Canada Bmeskukh abbreviated symbolic emblem representing the maple leaf. While in America, is the subject of Eagle coins that reflect the symbolic significance of the country, and in Australia: Kangaroo, and in China: pandas, and in Japan: a picture representing the Emperor, and in Britain: a picture of Queen Elizabeth, and in France: a picture of Napoleon.

And chose Dubai, in walking on the road to the opposite signs and the value of symbols and icons in the coins, he took to accomplish this task, to the center of the Dubai Multi Commodities, and among the most gold coins (from 22 carat), one bearing on her face first, a picture of renaissance Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, the Amir, who transformed the desert, within a few years, to a forest of towers and skyscrapers towering skyscraper. This while a second side, an inscription of the teacher is dear to the heart of this city, «the Burj Al Arab», the symbol of modern Dubai.

And go cutting other metal, in the combination group of these coins, to embody the concepts and images that reflect the spirit of the Emirate of Dubai and identity, through the gold coins and sculptures that reveal the dimensions of projects and features of heritage and civilization, embodies the past and present, the value of the renaissance of the Emirate of Dubai.

For these non-traded rare coins, antique value exceeds the value of gold they contain much. Examples of this rule and proof, that there are coins issued in the United States, in 1989, was valued at $ 33, but over time, become the price of more than $ 1,500.

And issued one of the jewelery companies in Dubai, a collection of coins, gold and silver, according to the requests of customers, and authorized by the Dubai Multi Commodities, in order to promote the sale of commemorative gold coin Dubai First «Visions of Dubai».

And that in five of its branches in the emirate of Dubai. This minted gold sold in the luxury box includes four categories of coins, but collectors do not see it as coins, as they are coins. And stand out in four sizes.

And finds specialists from the company, as well as the stakeholders, that the pattern of gold coins, it is an important requirement for Dubai residents, and tourists coming to it, both. And thousands who descend on Dubai every year, asking for this unique souvenir gold.

The attention of organizers of the projects of this nature, that these gold coins fall within the framework of creative art. Is cooperation in the manufacture of gold coins (specifically specie Visions of Dubai), with refining gold Swiss, which enjoys an international reputation for great, and winning the adoption of the standard Dubai to deliver the goods. Dubai is heavily commercial and technical, at the same time, it became one of the fastest gold trading centers in the world, and the largest distribution centers.

And with the presence of more than 130 different partner countries, and reach Dubai gold trade in the movement, between the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and also the continents of Europe and Africa.

This increases the rooting technical relations between these countries, because the coins are also Astahat art, and the work of specialized Tbdaha fingertips.

The constant is that the process of minting, and methods that and visions, the issues are closely linked to the Islamic arts. Also, coins have historic value, they help through their carvings, in the identification of archaeological writings engraved them, and then study the implications of political, historical and ideological.

And, of course, in addition to being an important source to get to know the names of the country and the places they hit them, as well as the study suggests coins, to shed light on the state of the world Islamic economic, cross-historical times, by recognizing the value of the caliber of the rail, and on the amount of weight.

.. Coins in a mirror

Immortalized the memory of the 40 National Day of the UAE, in Meskuktin, one of gold, and the other of silver. And included a two-sided, in Almeskuktin, the image of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, while including the other side of her, the image gathering, late for them, the founding fathers of the UAE, led by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

In the center aware of the state, and the words: «spirit of the Union», in both Arabic and English. As for the general characteristics of these two Almeskuktin Altzcaritan, we find that minted souvenirs made of gold, among Almeskuktin referred to, with a weight of 40 grams. And diameter of 40 millimeters.

The size of the issue two thousand coins. While the memorial was minted from silver, a class of AED 100, with a weight of 60 grams and a diameter of 60 mm. The size of the issue, four thousand coins. And raised Almeskuktan Altzcaritan for sale on the banks, based on the price of gold. These coins have become an arena for the designs and creations Emirati artists. But they have come to represent a model technically innovative model, under the embodiment of heritage features and values of art, through the motifs and patterns.

The coins, and write down what is the bet, they become later, a historical record of art, often infer and test and aware, but a lot of events and stories of civilization, in the oldest historical times, through the visions of creativity found in coins, tells about the history of civilizations over the times.

This is in addition to the availability and tell us the content of coins, in the process of catching some knowledge about the heritage, the thought of a different world cultures, particularly as they record details of the history of high artistic craftsmanship. There are examples of these coins, which documents the history of the UAE and events, such as:

Coins of the 40th anniversary to export the first shipment of crude oil Berri, 2003, namely, (Silver), the 25th anniversary of the unification of the armed forces, 2001 (Silver), Silver Jubilee of the University of the UAE, 2002 (Silver), Building Dubai International Airport, 2000, (Silver ), Association of Banks in the UAE, 2007, (Silver), World Youth Championship in football organized by FIFA, UAE 2003, (Silver).

There is also a set of coins task, including: minted commemorative silver that have been issued to carry the memory of the occasion of the 50 years since the establishment of Abu Dhabi Police, in order to save them in the Central Library in the university city of Al Ain.

As well as the issuance of a commemorative coin of silver, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the founding of the International Khalifa Award for Date Palm, and the anniversary of the Ahmadiyya school in the Emirate of Dubai, 2002 (Silver). Add to: the 30th anniversary of the founding of Bank of the UAE Central, 2003, (Silver), a silver commemorative coin to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Al Ain National Museum.

A version of the UAE Central Bank, minted special commemorative occasion of Silver Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates University 1977 2007, specie memorial to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, specie for organizing the Olympic Games Chess No. 27 in Dubai, 1986, specie on the anniversary of the passage of 25 years to export the first shipment of oil of Abu Dhabi, the coin on the occasion of the fifteenth century by AH, coins of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates University, a private coin Ptkhalid memory of the rise of the UAE team to the finals of the World Cup in Italy, 1990.