Athens Mayor: City was damaged beyond repair


Mayor of Athens confirmed yesterday that the worst violent clashes in Greece for decades have caused irreparable damage in the city, after protesters set fire to buildings and looted their way in the scores of shops on Sunday.

The mayor said Georgios Kamenes standing outside the historic building was once home to the theater in the period before World War II, said, “We have tremendous damage.” And the building caught fire quickly when anarchists wearing masks invaded the city yesterday evening.

Cleaning crews were seen which are of garbage in the main streets and areas Banepstameos Stadio Aarmo and shopping close to Syntagma Square, which was most affected after the burning of shops and banks there.

The other shops were looted severe. And still the smell of tear gas and water burning buildings exist in the air yesterday morning, to the point of choking pedestrians.

He said the wreckage of an old man at his shop in Otenas Street in the historic district of the city that “my shop for shoes which was established by my family since 1978, was burned to the ground because the rioters targeted a neighboring bank.” He added that they “stole Mazmm my goods.”

There were reports of an outbreak of violence also in six other cities across the country in what was the worst in the central Volos, where damage to the municipal building and the Office of the taxes due to the fire.

The clashes erupted yesterday after the first systems to more than 200 thousand demonstrators marched to Parliament to protest deep cuts, where they were passed late last night by the House of Representatives.

And 68 of the wounded policemen and 70 protesters were treated in hospital at least. It was the arrest of 67 of the suspects Batharthm of the riot and arrested 70 others.

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