Another Gold Bars Smuggling at Dhaka Airport being seized

280 gold bars recovered at Shahjalal airport

(Xinhua) – Bangladesh’s police seized 320 gold bars weighing 37 kg at Dhaka airport on Tuesday, 2 weeks after seizing 200 gold bars, and a day after seizing 146 gold bars weighing 17 kg.

This time, the gold bars were seized from a Qatar Airways flight that landed 5 a.m. Tuesday at Hazrat ShahJalal International Airport, under two seats in the aircraft.

Also, this time there were no arrests, as the suspects must have fled the scene leaving the gold behind, the man in charge of the Airport Armed Police Battalion, Alamgir Hossain said.

A Sri Lankan cabin crew informed the authorities, thinking of the packets to be a bomb planted under the two seats.

The 200 gold bars seized 2 weeks ago were also found in a similar way, as the package was dumped in the restroom. The flight this time was from Dubai airport.

The 146 gold bars arrived on a flight from Hong Kong at the same airport. Officials said only “small fish” and carriers get caught, while the main smugglers and culprits stay behind the scene.

It’s widely believed that there is an organized gang of gold smuggling cartels having strong links with foreign associates that uses Bangladesh as a route for illegal smuggling of gold and foreign currencies. These increases of illegal gold smuggling activities in Bangladesh’s main airport might be related to the Indian government restrains on gold imports to reduce the current account deficit.