A view over Gold market 23 – May, 2013

Gold and money

Gold price watch a rise from the beginning of trading today. in which gold price record a rise by 1.58% at May 23, 2013 08:48 NY Time, but what push gold price to rise?


We know that, during any fluctuate in the global market we watch a rise in gold price. That is what happend in the market, the global market watch a fluctuate after a weak chines data. All of the world was expecting a rise in the manufacturing chines data, but it was disappointing for the global market. After the weak data, we watch the flow of the chines investors toward gold to make fast profit, but gold market is going to continue in the upward movement?


After the unclear speech for “Bernanke” we start to watch a rise in gold price due to the decline of the US stock market. Not only the Stock market watch a decline but this decline extend to the US. Dollar value. For sure the previous factors lead to a rise in gold price, but this rise could end if the Labor US data came positively today.Some investors expect a positive labor data. If the data came positively we will watch a gaining profit (it mean that gold price will decline ) in the market and a rise in the US dollar, but if the data came negatively we will watch a rise in gold price and a decline in the US dollar.