8 Convincing Reasons To Invest In Gold

Gold egg and gold price data

Have you ever thought about why should you invest your money in gold not anything else? What are the strong reasons that will make you invest your money in gold?

Gold is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history, which has been mingled into cultures for thousands of years.

Here are the top 8 reasons to invest in gold:

1-Gold is the only accepted alternate currency that is not under the control of any government, and cannot, therefore, be influenced by politicians. While paper money is a liability with no intrinsic value, gold has a value in itself.

2-Gold is a highly liquid investment. It is both an asset and a currency. There are few other investments that you can convert as easily and quickly into currency as gold: no penalties, no long lead times, no strings attached.

3-The world population is growing by approx. 100 million inhabitants per year. This exponential growth of the population, versus limited availability of commodities like oil, gold, silver, platinum and other base metals, will most likely cause even further gold price rises.

4-Gold is the only form of preserving wealth in a crisis scenario. Where traditional diversifiers, such as bonds and alternative assets, often fail during times of market stress or instability, gold has proven to improve a portfolio performance during both stable and unstable financial periods.

5-Gold appreciation is very high in emerging countries. A few months ago, Chinese regulations changed allowing individual investors for the first time to purchase physical gold; China has one of the highest saving rates in the world. In addition, India is the largest worldwide Gold consumer country and Gold has a dominant role in the Indian society. According to population forecasts, India will soon overtake China as the country with highest number of inhabitants.

6-Major global investors have started to purchase physical gold in quantities never seen before. This has contributed to a steady increase of the gold price and is resulting in fantastic double digits returns over the past years.

7-Gold is increasing popularity prominent countries such as china ,India ,Russia, have been accumulating gold .in fact china with its 1.3 billion people recently established a national gold exchange .demand in china is expected to rise sharply.

8- Governments and central banks have been suppressing the price of gold since 1995 by lending and selling their gold. They won’t be able to keep it up forever. Then the price of gold and silver will soar.

It is always a good idea to invest in gold. Its unique capacity to protect investments makes it worthwhile for those looking to grow and diversify investment portfolios.