2014 Bald Eagle Coins in Gold & Silver, A Bullion Coin Addition


Royal Canadian Mint delivers the new one-ounce gold and silver coins demonstrating remarkable bald eagle scenes.

Available in very limited “coin collections” are the “2014 $20 Bald Eagle Returning From the Hunt Silver Coin” and the “2014 $200 Bald Eagle Protecting Her Nest Gold Coin”. 7,500 are available of the silver coin and 350 of the gold coin.

The coins are created by Claudio D’Angelo the Canadian artist, both coins feature designs of bald eagles in their natural habitat.

Bald eagles inhabit areas as of Canada, Alaska, north parts of the United States and even parts of northern Mexico.

Gold Coin Design and Specifications


Gold coin’s design features a female bald eagle protecting her two young eaglets. The female adult is shown set on the edge of her nest with wings a little spread. Writings read “CANADA,” “200 DOLLARS,” “2014,” “FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR” and the initials of the artist of CD.

The coin’s Specifications are quality from 99.99% pure gold, includes a weight of 31.16 grams, a diameter of 30 mm and with a serrated edge.

Susanna Blunt’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the opposite. Writings include “ELIZABETH II” and “D G REGINA.”

The Royal Canadian Mint encapsulates each coin and presents them in a maroon clamshell case.

The gold coin’s price is CAD $2,699.95 (USD $2623.09).

Silver Coin Design and Specifications


The silver coin’s design features a single adult bald eagle about to land on a tree branch. In the eagle’s left claw a freshly caught fish is shown. It is the third coin released in the Mint’s four-part series of silver coins featuring the bald eagle as seen from four different viewpoints. The writings include “CANADA,” “2013” and the legal tender face value of “20 DOLLARS”.

On the opposite side is the Susanna Blunt portrait of Queen Elizabeth II along with the writings of “ELIZABETH II” and “D G REGINA.”

Each coin at the edge features writing of “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR 1 OZ.”

The coin’s Specifications are 99.99% fine silver, have a weight of 31.39 grams and a diameter of 38 mm.

As gold coin, the silver is also encapsulated and offered in a maroon Royal Canadian Mint display case.

The silver coin’s price is CAD $99.95 (USD $97.10).

  • Steve

    7,500 of the silver coin and 350 of the gold coin will be available