World markets lose its direction amid storms

Gold price continue loses after gloomy chines data

Recorded global equity markets varies relatively yesterday, as investors lacked a clear indication on the status of the global economy with the release of many of the warnings that indicate the passage of strong storms of the global markets.

With pay a lower yen against other currencies indicators Tokyo forced to rise disappointing results recorded by European companies of indicators to London, Paris and Frankfurt on the decline. On the other side did not benefit the U.S. market a lot of strong results recorded by the phone industry giant and Apple computers, which failed to reduce the large losses suffered by the previous session.

Europe trades

European stocks fell and the technology sector, such as the main stress factor after a significant decline of the shares of Ericsson after the announcement of the results. Shares in Ericsson networks specialized in mobile communications 14%. The benchmark Stoxx Europe of Technology 2.6% in early trading, which had a negative impact on the broader index. At one point in trading the FTSEurofirst 300 index of shares of major European companies 0.1% to 1144.32 points.

Banks and SAP

He had investors in Europe to sell for a profit in the shares of banks that were adversely affected by fears that the pressure on the European Central Bank to write off its holdings of Greek bonds could undermine the ability to buy the debt of the countries located on the outskirts of the euro area. SAP shares were down 0.7% despite announcing strong results.

Predicted SAP’s largest producer of software in Europe grew by more than 10% in 2012 after it posted a net profit surges by 16% in the fourth quarter of last year. Shares in the company to 44.05 euros in Frankfurt Stock Exchange after it posted a quarterly profit of $ 1.1 billion euros or 1.4 billion dollars. And saw that compete with SAP, Oracle U.S. revenue growth from sales of programs and services at more than 10% last year and plans to achieve the same growth rates this year, according to the financial manager, and Brandt Warner.

Japanese stocks ended the dealings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange backed up a great performance of companies dependent on exports from the depreciation of the yen against the euro. The benchmark Nikkei index rose by 98.36 points, or 1.12% to 8883.69 points.

At the same time increased the broader Topix index by 10 points or 1.32% to 767.4 points. Shares of Japanese companies dependent on exports such as Toyota Motor Corp. for the automotive industry, Sony Corp. and Canon Electronics for Imaging Equipment, boosted by the yen, as enhanced by low value of the currency of Japan, the competitiveness of Japanese products in overseas markets. Toyota shares rose by 3.01% and Sony shares rose 4.76% and December by 2.93% during trading.

Currencies and metals

In the metals markets, currencies and gold continued to decline for a second day in a row under the pressure of the rise of the dollar against the euro. The yen fell to its lowest level in a month against the dollar and the euro. The dollar rose to 78.009 yen on trading platform ie. Me. S to its highest level since late December.

The yen fell broadly for the rise of the euro to its highest level in four weeks at 101.64 yen.The euro was steady above 109 yen since November, before falling to its lowest level in 11 years at 97.04 yen on January 16. The single currency rose slightly from the previous close in New York for up to 1.3034 dollars and still near the highest level in three weeks of 1.3063 dollars recorded in the previous session. The Australian dollar rose 0.4 percent to U.S. $ 1.0518 to near the highest level in three months at 1.0574 dollars recorded earlier in the week, boosted by improved risk appetite and reading higher than expected core inflation.