World Gold Council expects new leaps in the prices of yellow metal to the high demand

Gold price technical analysis 17 - June, 2013

World Gold Council said today that gold demand fell in the second quarter of the year, but is still expected to rise from the precious metal in the entire Asian buyers as they add to the possession, and the growing interest in gold as a safe haven because of concerns about the debt of the United States and the euro zone.

The World Gold Council said in his quarterly report on trends in demand that the signs of strength in the market is still concentrated in India and China, and buy gold coins and bullion, jewelery and gold-backed funds fall in Europe and the United States.

The council said that the demand for gold in general fell 17% in the three months from April to June compared to the same period a year earlier to reach 919.8 tonnes as the sharp decline in investment demand has squandered the impact of recovery in the initial purchase of jewelry.

And diminished interest in gold-backed funds indicators sharply as it declined 82%, to 51.7 tons, compared to very high levels in 2010. But Marcus pod, managing director of investment at the World Gold Council, told Reuters that there are signs that this trend is changing already.

The pod heading number to register a strong investment in the third quarter due to the problems of sovereign debt in the euro area.

He know that index funds rose to a new record in terms of tons in July and August .. With regard to the demand for ornaments do not seem to be slackening significantly from strong sales in the second quarter.

Quite difficult to find anything negative impact on the strength of demand at the moment.