World Gold Council aspects

Is it the time to invest in gold or not?

World Gold Council is a global authority on gold and its uses, and the first source of informed opinion and advice to stakeholders and decision makers. We use this knowledge to develop insights into the role in the future that gold can play in a number of sectors, and then, in collaboration with partners, and intervention to provide solutions and find new markets, increase and support the demand for gold.

Sector investment in the gold core to make investment decisions.

From governments and central banks, we are a trusted advisor to policy makers and managers of reserve assets in all matters relating to the gold market.

In the jewelry sector, we create new visions and ideas that increase the attractiveness and the importance of gold when they are given or worn.

In the technology sector, and we are working to put gold in the heart of technological progress, we are a power in the innovative uses of gold in the industry and the community.

As the global advocate for gold, and we are committed to playing a key role in the development of the gold mining industry is responsible. Our members, and the leading gold mining companies, and to consider the management of the environment and relations with local communities and considerations of the utmost during the period of the life of any mine project. Together, we work to ensure the industry as a whole strives to develop and integrate best practices.

She informed all of our deep understanding of the role of gold and has a wide range in the community and. Potential either now or in the future through business partnerships and research leader in the industry, we develop a clear understanding, and insight into, each one of its main markets. Using this insight, and create new solutions, and innovative relevant progress against the needs of the market that have been clearly identified . we have the foresight to add value to our partners and stakeholders in all sectors, and knows all of our programs and interventions in the market.