Will Gold Become The New International Currency?

gold as money

Some people say that gold will become the new international currency, is that true, and why will it become the new international currency, what are the secret behind that, is it economic reasons?

All this questions need to be answered .if We think about what’s happening in the U.S economy we will find a logical answer to these questions.

Gold has always been a safe harbor for decades, no matter the political turbulence, economic crisis, or social confusion, gold always has its own value.

The United States always had an extraordinary amount of economic power for decades; the U.S. dollar has always been the reserve currency of the world.

Other nations have pursued to move away from the U.S. dollar and find other replacements because the U.S. economy has started to come apart over the past decade.

Some people thought about replacing the U.S dollar by the euro, but this caused many problems. , investors have been searching somewhere safe to put their money. The problem in replacing the U.S dollar by the euro is that the value of the euro is unstable.

The official U.S. government reports admit that the U.S dollar is no longer safe to be the international currency.

Experts that have shown up in the news, consider some of the recent comments about gold

David thurtell states “Gold is now enjoying safe harbor status, moderately because pledges, particularly outlying bank paper euro and euro zone government are no longer a harmless harbor.”

Deniss gartman also states “There is a clear flight into quality to the gold market as terrified wealth seeks a harbor of any sort while misperception reigns.”

Those who understand history knows that gold for thousands of years has been a reserve currency and it’s not even something new.