Which Country Preserves The Most Gold?

gold reserves

Central banks, governments and Investment funds, are the largest gold reserve holders in the world.

4 % of the world owns 12.6 percent of the planet’s gold supply.

Governments purchase gold in order to guard themselves against inflation and afford added security during unreliable economic times.

The largest holder of gold reserves is the U.S, holding approximately 8,133.5 tons worth about $269.67 billion. This amount embodies 78.3 percent of the total U.S. foreign reserves.

The second largest amount is owned by Germany a remarkable of 3,412.6 tons valued at approximately $113.2 billion.

The Italian National Bank accomplishes Italy’s gold reserves of 2,451.8 tons. Having this quantity of gold, which is esteemed at around $81.3 billion, this sorts Italy to be the fourth largest gold holder.

At the 5th position, France arises, with only marginally smaller amount holdings than Italy. The country holds 2,450.7 tons of the precious metal, which represents 72.6 % of foreign reserves.

France has the second premier percentage of gold in foreign reserves of the top ten holders of the world’s gold.

The seventh largest amount of gold holdings in the world is the Chinese government.

The Chinese government Owns 1054 tons of gold. This supply, valued at closely $35 billion, accounts for a 1.8 % of the country’s total foreign reserves.

The quantity of gold held by these governments is unmatched and impressive by any individual.

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