Wearing a Gold Hat

Old Gold Crown

“It is criminal to steal a purse, daring to steal a fortune, a mark of greatness to steal a crown. The blame diminishes as the guilt increases.” – Friedrich Schiller.

One of the highest and the oldest ornament of displaying the individual’s high status was headgears. The chiefs and the priests of every single nation had to wear something on their heads in a demonstration of supremacy and holiness in their societies.

Chiefs and brave warriors of the infamous Native American Iroquois nation wear an eagle’s feather or the rare quetzl feather crowns on their heads. Other archaic examples of old nations that wore headgears as a display of high status and royalty are the influential ancient civilizations of Sumerians, ancient Egyptians, different sovereignties in the land of Canaan, ancient Chinese and old Indian kingdoms.

It is notable that each of these headgears was made from rare items of high value to each nation. It is common that crowns are made of gold. The Yellow metal was valued in each old and medieval nation. Sumerians was one of the first civilizations that had records of wearing headgears, and records of their ancient kings mention gold as decorations. So, it is safe to conclude that this old nation wear golden crowns or at least headgears decorated with gold as the emblem of royalty. The same applies to ancient Egyptian pharaohs, with plenty of record dated to the second minimum BC. Other nations such as the Indian old kingdom, who already had a strong and old relation with gold, had records as well of headgears decorated with gold.

The oldest crown found in Europe is the Iron Crown of Lombardy; a golden crown has an iron band taken from a nail of the True Cross. Records say that Christian Europe had gold crowns as the sign of royalty and holiness wore by popes and kings. Maybe the first Christian king who wore a golden Crown was King Constantine I. Monarchs and priests till modern times wear golden tiaras and crowns with Pope Paul VI the last one who used the golden tiara, and modern day monarchs like the most famous kingdom, England, still wears golden crowns till this very day.

Even if crowns are not the hip of today, it still is the universal symbol of monarchy and leadership. If you want to demonstrate your authority in your next party, put on a golden crown.