Veladero Gold Mine

Veladero gold mine

The Veladero gold mine is located in the San Juan Province of Argentina, immediately to the south of the Pascua Lama property in the highly prospective Frontera District.

The property is located at elevations of 4,000 and 4,850 meters above sea level, approximately 374 kilometers northwest of the city of San Juan.

This mine, produced 1.12 million ounces of gold last year. It is owned by Barrick Gold.

Veladero is a conventional open-pit operation. 2006 is the mine’s first full year of production. There are two open pits, a truck shop, primary and secondary crushers located next to Filo Federico open pit, covered ore stockpile, secondary crusher and loadout bin, where trucks collect crushed ore to haul to the valley-fill leach facility.

The mine plan calls for mining 80 million tons per year of ore and rocks. Of that, 12.6 million tons of ore will be crushed and sent to the valley fill leach pads; and 3.5 million tons of ore will be sent for additional processing, depending on the grade. Ore is crushed to 32 mm size in a two stage crushing process. Crushing may be needed first. Lime will be added to the ore to maintain a high ph.

Veladero uses the Intellimine gps and dispatch mine management systems, a MasterLink wireless communications backbone for increased data bandwidth throughout the site and field communication.

The good thing is that Veladero is providing emergency services training, health programs, an expansion to the Rodeo hospital, and programs that promote mining industry awareness.

The economic impact of Veladero has manifested itself in a myriad of ways, including payment of taxes and royalties, hiring of local residents, and procurement of goods and services in San Juan and other parts of Argentina.