USGS: U.S. Gold Production Ran Below

US gold production

U.S. Geological Service stated on Friday, the U.S. gold mines production through the first two months of 2013.

According to the USGS report, the U.S. gold mines production kept on decreasing from month to month since the last December, as it produced 19,000 kilograms of gold. On the next month January the production decreased by 6% the output was 17,900 kilograms. On February the production dropped also by 6% from the previous month, the output was 16,900 kilograms of gold. The daily average of gold production also decreased compared to the last year, as for February 2012 it’s daily average was 630 grams compared with February 2013 its daily average gold production was 603 grams.

The USGS also reported for silver. Silver production decreased by 11% from December to January, but if compared to January 2012 it increased by 9%. The silver production for January was 90,600 kilograms, a daily average of 2,920 kilograms.