Understanding “Gold bugs” Mentality

LOTR gold ring

“We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure.” – Hernando Cortez

People buy gold for a simple physiological purpose; it is what they feel safe when they hold it. Not paper money, not some numbers in a bank account, just the yellow metal glittering under the sun in their own hands is what calms their anxiety.

Collective Unconscious, a term devised by Jung, one of the founders of modern psychology that meant to study what we all share as humans in our unconscious mind. One of the key aspects in each equation that had humans as a variable in it, is the accumulation of passed-down knowledge from our ancestors known as Culture. It is part of being human and it effects how man thinks, reacts to different situations and what man looks forward to have and fantasize about. The human vision was the key variable in economics, politics and scientific progress. These human activities build the new generation’s culture, beliefs and consumer’s habits.

Throughout the history of mankind, gold held a mythical and spiritual value, which enhanced its economic value and pushed it even further than its value as a rare precious metal. Ancient civilizations myths, which formed medieval beliefs, modern and post-modern Media tools, used the yellow metal connotation in each of these times pop-culture and implanted this idea in their offspring through their lore.

This knowledge of spiritual implication of the precious metal and its significance in each old culture will provides us with a better insight of the current different geo-physiological demands of gold consumers.