U.S. stocks continued to rise since yesterday

Gold Market Manipulation History in the U.S.

U.S. stocks rose more than 1% e at the open today, with the support of the efforts ofofficials in the hopes of the euro area to increase the size of the rescue fund in theregion to meet the debt crisis.

The Dow Jones industrial ‪ increased by 156.97 points, or 1.42% to 83.11200 points.The benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 ‪ by 17.17 points or 1.48% to 1180.12 points.Qgazz Nasdaq Composite Index by 46.29 ‪ points, or 1.84% to 2562.98 points.

Stock Exchange concluded the “Wall Street” of America, trading yesterday on the highmass of the key indicators, and the profit indicator, “Dow Jones” industrial 272.38points, to close at 11.043.90 points, registering an increase of 2.53%.

The index of “Standard & Poor’s” 500 “S & P 500” broader, by 26.52 points, to close at1.162.95 points, a rise of 2.33%, according to Bloom Berg.

The Nasdaq Composite Index “Nasdaq”, who beat him and technology stocks, tradingup by 33.46 points, to reach the level of 2.516.69 points, a rise of 1.35%.