U.S. Senate decides to boycott the Central Bank of Iran


Decided today to the U.S. Senate by an overwhelming majority a resolution issuedreducing the U.S. defense budget for the war budget, as well as adopted a new policy for the detention of suspects to join the al-Qaeda, also passed another resolution imposingnew sanctions package against Iran.

The statement said, the decision of the defense budget by slashing spending by $ 43 billion to $ 662 billion dollars, including the financing of wars, which are led by the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The statement added that he opposed the Justice Department and intelligence agencies,the U.S. policy of “military detention” they interfere with the work of investigators on the issues of terrorism and loss of security and impede the functioning of intelligence gathering.

And passed the Senate, in the same meeting, a resolution unanimously calling forpunishment of any commercial bank on being the world financial transfers to (the CentralBank of Iran) in a move opposed by U.S. President Barack Obama.