U.S dollar riven Gold price


The US dollar in the early Asian trading recorded a rise, meanwhile Gold price record a decline by an average of 1.34% it was expected drop for gold price from the last week.

Spot gold price market at May 13, 2013 11:09 NY Time recorded a decline by 1.04% after excessive process to buy the US dollar and a harsh selling for gold, the issue which lead directly to a decline in gold price after some information by the cure of the US economy.

After the US dollar hit its highest level in 5 years against the Japaness yen, the US dollar gained more strength in front of others currencies, so most of investors was pushed to sell gold and to buy the US dollar.

Gold price by the beginning of the trading in NY Spot market record a decline by 0.93% to reach the level of 1434.70 USD/Ounce of gold. Gold price decline in NY spot market is an indicator for the rise of the US dollar.