Traders in Dubai City of Gold: Do not compromise or tolerance or negligence in the quality of jewelry


Select the top jewelers of “quality” as the elements of a recipe in which the city has been able to outshine gold, as one of the main purposes of the jewelery trade in the world within a short period of time, they say they do not tolerate or compromise with poor quality, which is also spares no effort to promote consumer confidence and Ahamithm of fraud and forgery through the combined efforts of government bodies with jewelry companies in making the slogan “quality,” a language that truly reflect the fact that Dubai has become a popular destination for traders and consumers of jewelry from every corner of the world.

Which is characterized by the regulatory framework governing the jewelery trade in the UAE, according to traders that a high degree of efficiency and the regulatory framework may be the most efficient in the world, which is reflected positively on the confidence of consumers in overseas jewelery they buy from the UAE.

And the values of jewelers that the organization of retail markets for jewelry in general and gold in particular in Dubai has come a long way on the road to development and modernity, so that became the organization of the market is characterized by a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency, but they felt it was difficult to compile quality standards in the form of a unified law for the quality of the valid access to all traders, however, that one of them felt that it is possible to be a minimum quality requirements to be the subject of commitment by all.

It was agreed jewelers that investment in quality control will yield a rewarding and affirming, represented by reap the confidence of customers, and spoke Pankaj Patel, director of quality control in Damas on this subject by saying: The company invests in quality as one of the jewelry stores and luxury watches in the Middle East in the high-end products with high quality, every piece of jewelry through a series of quality controls on extreme sealing prior to submission to the public in the shops of the Damas.

Lord Patel to a question as to what procedures and processes adopted in order to ensure the quality of jewelry, saying: The Department of quality control in Damas examine and test each piece of jewelry, both those that come from international brands, or those produced in the factory of the company, including management persons of skill, experience, and highly efficient They receive training within the company, and prepare as experts in the industry.

However, saying: being the application of controls on quality at every stage of manufacturing processes, it is to be to go through every piece of jewelry diamond and jewelry pearls including jewelry with international brand through the management of quality control, ensuring that this process for our customers receive products, jewelry is the highest quality, more, does not differentiate the system of quality control on products between jewelry dating back to the Damas brand and those with international brands.

He added: exercise the administration of quality control the responsibility of the audit and inspection in the jewelry displayed in the stores Damas to make sure that it suffered any damage caused by frequent trading hands her, which shows the close relationship and direct between each product and quality control, even after leaving the control for display in stores.

He continued by saying: We apply the standards, controls and high standards, as is the reputation of a high quality of the pillars of a success story Damas over more than a century.

In the same context, browse a leading Baqir Chairman Jewelry s measures in quality control, saying: consists jewelry luxury essentially cut diamond restaurant with gold, and ensure quality check gold through the purity of Carat, a measure of the degree of purity of gold, with regard to diamonds, some traders retailers are giving testimony to the specifications used in a piece of diamond jewelry, as well as the International Geological Institute will issue certificates for diamond cutting them for the benefit of the consumer.

In turn, eat cream Merchant, CEO of Pure Gold measures taken by the company to control the quality of the jewelry, saying: We follow the three steps in the application of strict measures in the control of Aljdodh, which ensures our customers receive the best jewelry quality gold as follows:

1 – quality inspection in the process of buying raw materials, spare diamond and gold bullion lump.

2 – quality check in the post-manufacturing jewelry pieces in order to ensure that the weights and the quality of gold and diamonds used in jewelry are exactly the data recorded on the label accompanying the piece of jewelry.

3 – random testing for the company’s offices to ensure that the finished jewelry pieces recorded in the manual for your company.

And eating Ajay Pandey, CEO of Group brands Jitangela procedures and processes in place to ensure the quality of jewelry, saying: We have an integrated management of Quality Supervision, and since the beginning of the founding group Jitangela, we do everything we can to make sure that complacency is absolutely with the issue of quality, and examine the management quality control of each piece of jewelry is manufactured, while technicians make sure of compatibility of operations of cutting and polishing diamond jewelery with international standards.

And agreed the views of senior traders that quality does not constitute a minimal problem in the jewelery market in Dubai, it is his part, saw Pankaj Patel that the quality of jewelry is not a problem at all in the Dubai market for jewelry, and attributed the reasons for this reputation for Dubai being a global hub for gold and jewelry, where the Government is making Dubai’s huge efforts to preserve the emirate’s position as one of the purposes of the best jewelry in the world, and for that, do not spare government agencies around the state effort to ensure the commitment of traders the highest quality standards.

In the same vein, ruled out a leading Baker to represent the quality problem in the Dubai market for jewelry, and explained his point by saying: The Dubai Municipality has regular visits to all retail outlets, interspersed with, taking its inspectors random sample of pieces of jewelry so that they examined in their laboratories, and if they found the presence of any differences, they send a warning message to the merchant that if the offense is repeated, it may lose its license store business, and it is closed.

For his part, the values of Karim Merchant, the performance of those responsible for quality control in Dubai, saying: These actors crucial roles, where the authorities on the implementation of screening the orderly and systematic to ensure the count of fraud and deception of consumers, and, above all, working sector, control of trade and consumer protection in the Department of economic development in Dubai tirelessly and diligently in order to make consumers feel comfortable and trust in post-purchase.

Word Karim Merchant on the question as to whether the quality of the jewelry is problematic in the Dubai market for jewelry, saying: were not the quality of jewelry is a problem even ten years ago, but with increasing numbers of retailers, we heard a small number of consumers complain about the quality of workmanship and increased fees workmanship . However, it should be noted that the Dubai government to operate efficiently in order to ensure consumers are not exposed to acts of deception and fraud.

In the same context, by Ajay Pandey for his faith in the firm that the quality of jewelry is not a problem in Dubai, said: I can speak only for group Jitangela, we guarantee quality diamond jewelery through the use of the services of a third party, a Geological Institute International, which will issue certificates to all jewelery diamonds that we offer, which makes consumers feel reassured and comfortable that they have access to pieces of jewelery which they wish and according to quality standards that they look to, and in general, maintain chain stores of the group in the UAE on the levels of high quality, and requires retailers of individuals to give more focus on quality especially in their dealings with expatriates and tourists, they should be transparent to the Avsaham about the quality of jewelry that they sell.

When asked Karim Merchant on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the regulatory framework governing the jewelery trade in the UAE, he replied by saying: is characterized by the regulatory framework in the UAE as a high degree of efficiency and may be the regulatory framework more efficient in the world, which is reflected positively on the confidence of consumers in overseas jewelery they buy from UAE.

In the same context, he saw Ajay Pandey that the concerned authorities control the quality of the jewelry functioning nicely through the examination of random that they do and respond to consumer complaints, and so on, and in general, and he said, with most retailers awareness and understanding that he could face sanctions, if did not sell what they promise it.

And on assessing the role of stakeholders to ensure the quality of jewelry, such as Dubai Municipality, laboratories, in the control of the commitment of traders standards of quality, response Pankaj Patel said, playing the concerned authorities control the quality of Almjhrat a very important role in the gold jewelry, Initiatives continuous and continuous from the Municipality of Dubai and the parties other relevant reassure the public that the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE in general is one of the best places to buy gold jewelry, not only because of their quality and beauty but also because of the beauty of their design and high net worth.

Raed Baker agreed with the previous opinion, saying: These actors are wonderful role.

And on the awareness and knowledge of the consumer issue of quality jewelry, explain Pankaj Patel and his view by saying: is our customers that they are on a high degree of business acumen and intelligence, and I can say in general that consumers have become more aware of the quality of jewelry, which is either due to they have become more familiar with jewelry by means of media, as well as keen as more and more of them on self-education to understand the specifications of gold and precious by participating in specialized training courses in this area.

We welcome this trend on the part of customers, it is easier doing business with the customers know the issues associated with the quality of jewelry, they are more knowledgeable of the product quality is wonderful that we offer them.

In the same context, Raed Baker: become Today’s consumers are familiar with the great question of the quality of jewelry, including the technical aspects, thanks to the help the Internet and other modern technologies, and must not be overlooked, that there is intense competition in the jewelery trade in Dubai as a result of the presence of large numbers of shops and outlets selling jewelery, which is in the benefit of the consumer who is usually visit anywhere from 5 to 6 shops before to pack his purchase of jewelry that he wants, and gets the consumer to the knowledge and know-how that will help him to choose the best product, that is the reality of his meetings with sales representatives of these stores.

In turn, expressed Karim Merchant lack of belief that consumers are not aware of the measures taken by government agencies in Dubai to ensure the quality of jewelry for the benefit of the consumer, would increase consumer awareness that contribute to strengthening the confidence they have and making them aware and knowledgeable of their rights.

In the same vein, the values of Ajay Pandey consumer awareness of the issue of quality jewelry by saying: It is fair to say that he is being evaluated diamond by international laboratories to control the quality of the diamond, and therefore, a consumer market development and maturity, and thus, consumers expect right basics and evaluation criteria, and to reassure the government quality gold and diamond are consistent with international standards.

Occur Pankaj Patel on the status of quality in the agenda of the company, saying: based-known Damas on the quality of their products, and that associated with quality work closely with the success of our business, we guarantee to pass all the pieces of jewelry sold quality standards high, where they are examining and testing products to ensure they are free from any problems or impurities, and the Damas huge team specialized in this area, which shows the position occupied by the large quality control management within the structure and agenda of the company, we do not tolerate in any way with poor quality.

However,: to ensure that the management of quality control according to the latest regulations in the world, we are keen to continuous updating of these regulations and standards in line with the latest requirements and international standards in quality control, we have established recently a partnership with the American Institute of Jewels, under which, the Institute is to provide advanced training for our staff on the new forms of artificial diamonds, understand what their employees know the art, but these training programs are added to the existing knowledge base they have to keep up with the latest developments in this area.

In turn, occur leading Baqer on the status of quality in the business model his company, saying: We are the nights of jewelery to the awareness of the importance of quality, where the pass everything we make two levels of quality control, and we are keen to import jewelry from plants applied systems for quality control of high-level, We examine the consignment jewelry that we import again to ensure the safety of their quality.

He continued by saying: In addition to certificate quality diamonds offered by s of Jewelry, the stores are the first in the UAE to offer their customers quality certificate issued by a laboratory independent world for the classification and evaluation of diamonds such as the Geological Institute International, in order to make consumers feel comfortable and trust fully in the quality of diamonds they buy, and given the large numbers of residents in the UAE, there are of them wish to return this jewelry to their home countries, we want to protect their investments in diamonds by ensuring quality diamonds certified in any place they are.

For his part, he turned Karim Merchant to put quality on the agenda of business of Pure Gold said: Quality is one of the four pillars of our strategy of play, which include the quality aspect to all of the services to the consumer world-class and the latest designs and low prices.

And eating Ajay Pandey, the subject, saying: For us, the quality critical priority in our business plan, and for this reason, the company applies controls to control the quality very strict in Haunted all stages and levels of the production process, in order to ensure the high quality of our products, and is now easy achieving this goal thanks to a competent makers and experienced, as the quality is an important part of marketing strategy. Thus, the trust consumers have become true quality of our products. That is why our customers always trying to get dressed in various occasions Bmjohratna Khvlat marriages and birthdays … Etc..

On the possibility of standardization of quality in a single law, expressed Pankaj Patel for his view by saying: Yes, under an ideal world, it would be this very useful, but will be difficult to accomplish in light of the different ways of operating departments of quality from company to company, quality may not be the focal point for some companies, we follow the international standards, and this consumes a lot of time and labor, and may not be able to smaller companies such as this commitment to quality control because they may not be economically feasible Basbh them.

In the same context, he saw Karim Merchant that there must be a minimum quality requirements that must be followed by everyone, and it may not be possible to standardize quality fully and put it in the form of a uniform scale, it would Standardization (ISO) to ensure the creation of more homogeneity and harmony among the offers.

In the same vein, he Ajay Pandey believes the difficulty rationing quality standards in the law of one saying: It is very difficult for one entity complete control over the quality of the jewelry, and then, there are multiple entities operating in the market such as the initiative of Dubai Municipality for the control of quality Gold Jewelry, as that there are other entities operating in the market such as the IDL of the Dubai Multi Commodities, which deals with these issues a high degree of attention.

However, in his speech by saying: I think that the regulatory framework governing the jewelery trade in the UAE is the framework of an effective and efficient, and should continue for years to come various initiatives launched by the Government of Dubai, such as the Dubai Quality Award, it makes consumers feel peace of mind that they are paying for access to high-value products.

Dubai Municipality fight fraud and forgery

About the possibility of the use of applications of modern technology in the fight against counterfeiting and fraud in the jewelery trade, said Pankaj Patel, director of quality control in Damas (literally) has been processing management quality control with the latest technologies and advanced equipment, and this makes it easier for workers in the company to identify jewelry fake and counterfeit and poor quality, and included such measures developed for our customers that they are keen on high quality products for the price they pay.

Raed Baker and address this point by saying: We do not have a problem like this in our industry, given the regular tests carried out by Dubai Municipality, along with most of the retailers are business owners who carry on trade with their hands or have specialized teams in this area.

He said: depends famous jewelers and the absolute confidence of their customers to them, are associated with such confidence on the part of quality jewelry and services provided on the other.

For his part, Karim Merchant believes the increasing importance of the role of technology in the fight against fraud and forgery, said: become a technology play an increasingly important role, in the earlier, much of the checks done by hand, which was at times were jewelers to manipulation, which Aqaibdhm was a huge financial loss, but now thanks to technology, we have become the means of advanced quality checks made faster and more easier and efficient.

In response to the same question, responded Ajay Pandey said, this is not possible, there is what distinguishes every piece of jewelry, however it is possible to use electronic means to create more awareness among consumers, and must be on the consumer to ask and inquire and to insist on obtaining certificates which gives him the purchase jewelry pieces, where the market has become full of a lot of entities responsible for issuing certificates for jewelry pieces.


Protect consumers from fraud

Activity subject to the jewelery trade like any other commercial activity with the laws and regulations of the licenses, and requires approvals from other government agencies such as the Dubai Police.

And works sector, trade control and consumer protection in the Department of Economic Development in Dubai to ensure the commitment of the owners of this license the activity authorized by, and there is a specialized division of Dubai Municipality inspect league on the commitment of the owners of shops selling products free of fraud and make sure the weights used and the quality of gold.

The commercial sector supervision and consumer protection in pursuing consumer complaints received from the public regarding the purchases of gold jewelry.

Based on the trends and the aspirations of the Government of Dubai to raise the level of services in the emirate, is keen commercial sector supervision and consumer protection to provide everything needed to raise the awareness of consumers and traders and ensure their rights.

Administration is competent to propose regulations, policies and laws related to trade protection (anti-fraud, fraud, infringement of the marks and names and commercial agencies) and proof of offenses that fall from the traders and the public related to trade protection, property rights, or any practices of economic and trade illegal and in violation of the regulations and protective laws and protect consumers from deception, or attempted deception in the matters mentioned in Article (1) of the Law on the Suppression of Fraud, and carries out the programmed inspection programs and indiscriminate trade protection and consumer protection.


Oversight functions of trade

Summed up the tasks and duties for the commercial sector supervision and consumer protection in the Economic Department in Dubai as follows:

* Combating commercial fraud of materials, goods and services and the tradition and trademark counterfeiting, property rights and commercial agencies.

* Receive complaints from traders and the public relating to protection of trade and commercial fraud and counterfeiting of goods and commodities, in addition to the attack on property rights and the like in cooperation with the competent authorities of these things.

* Investigation and the investigation of violations of individuals, institutions and companies of the laws relating to trade protection.

* Ensure the accuracy and validity of complaints and provide detailed reports on the results of the investigation of complaints and violations related to trade protection, including specific information about the nature of offenses and specific recommendations on the nature of offenses and specific recommendations on the necessary action to rectify the situation and reduce irregularities.

* Implementation of the administrative procedures of the seizure and confiscation of goods and commodities in violation of the laws of deception and fraud, and trademark law, as well as the law of commercial agencies and the infringement of property rights, in collaboration with the Ministries of Economy, Trade and Industry Financial Information and Culture.

* Implementation of the Criminal Procedure and the necessary legal offenses relating to trade protection.

* Definition of the public and traders damage caused by commercial fraud and counterfeiting and trademark counterfeiting and assault on property rights and urged them to cooperate with the department in the area of trade protection and the fight against fraud and deceit in commercial transactions.

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