Top 10 Places To Pan For Gold

pan for gold

The treasurable metal has been lying there for millennia, just waiting to be found and altered into mansions and private jets and yachts for those blessed and bold enough to dig it up.

These are the top 10 places to pan for gold why don’t you try them maybe you’re the lucky one.

1- State Historic Park, California, Marshall Gold Discovery

Nowadays, you can pan for gold in the American River and even if you’re not as lucky as Mr. Marshall, you may ease your dissatisfaction with picnics and hikes in a peaceful woodland setting.

2- Alaska, Crow Creek Gold Mine

Alaska is well-known for its wildlife and incredible scenery, as well as one other lavish resource which is gold.

With a bit of luck and a little work, you might be quite shocked to find that you too can catch gold fever.

3- California, Jamestown Gold Panning

If you’re seeking to stab your luck at panning for gold, you might say that California is a goldmine of likely places.

4- Colorado, Arkansas River Corridor

The Arkansas River goes through some of the amusing ore bodies in Colorado, and the stories fortunes and strikes and characters there have become legendary.

5- Georgia, Consolidated Gold Mine

Consolidated Gold Mine offers the best of both worlds in gold panning and prospecting mine tours.

Anybody who goes on the Underground Adventure will have the chance to try her or his hand at gold panning, too.

6- Montana, Alta Ranch

Montana is an abundant spot to try panning for gold in the cabins.

7- Montana, Libby Creek Recreational Gold Panning Area

In Libby creek, the public is permitted to pan for gold within this region, and any gold you happen to find is yours to keep. It’s a great amusing opportunity for the entire family.

8- Alabama, Alabama Gold Camp

In the Alabama Gold Camp, you can get admission with sluicing included and panning.

9- Colorado, Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour

One advantage over the miss or hit nature of panning, at the end of each tour, visitors are given their individual gold nugget.

10-Arkansas, Ouachita Mountains

Proficient Arkansas prospectors admit that the earnings are slighter there than in some other locations, but they point out that you could also dig up crystals or diamonds.