The Welcome Gold Nugget

the welcome gold nugget

The huge welcome gold nugget was discovered on June 9, 1858 by a group of twenty-two Cornish miners at Bakery Hill in Ballarat, Victoria, at the Red Hill Mining Company site.

The Nugget is a huge gold nugget, weighing 68.98 kg (2,217 troy ounces 16 pennyweight).

It was found in the roof of the tunnel 180 feet (55 metres) underground.

Incompletely shaped like a horse’s head, it measured around 49 cm long by 15 cm wide and 15 cm high and had a roughly scooped surface.

It was evaluated by the Port Philip Gold Company William Birkmyre and set its name by finder Richard Jeffery.

The golden nugget was bought by the Witkowski Brothers they bought it for 10,050 pounds and after revealing it to crowds of people in Melbourne, sent it to London where it was shown 1859 At the Crystal Palace.

Copies of the Welcome Nugget were made and spread to the mining and Geological Museum in the Rocks in Sydney, and the Museum of Victoria, in 1885.the Powerhouse Museum, who acquired their model.

In the United States, a Copy of the Welcome Nugget is exhibited at Harvard University in Cambridge in the Mineralogical Museum, Massachusetts.