The volume of trading in the Dubai Gold and Commodities rise in February increased by 147%


Continued Dubai Gold and Commodities strong performance achieved since the beginning of the year, registered a rise in trading volume for the month of February increased by 147% on an annual basis, as the volume of gross monthly in the stock market last February to 519,222 contracts, valued at 21.92 billion U.S. dollars.

Saw the Dubai Gold and Commodities during the month of February 4-digit registration record in the daily trading volume in February 29. And exceeding the total daily trading volume, which reached 39,034 contracts registered by the Dubai Gold on that day, the previous record which stood at 35,996 contracts in September 2011. Also recorded Dubai Gold and Commodities highest level ever in terms of number of deals daily by 23,950 contracts in February 29.

On the other hand, recorded Indian Rupee futures contract in Dubai Gold and Commodities highest volume months of last February, rising monthly trading volume of contracts by 218% compared with last year to reach 473,793 contracts, surpassing the number of contracts of $ 431,902 was recorded in the previous month . As decades have witnessed a record daily trading volume by 35,727 contracts on February 29, surpassing the previous record which stood at 34,046 contracts in September of last year. And recorded in Indian Rupee futures trading as well as the highest value at all on a daily basis the value of U.S. $ 1.44 billion in the same day.

And currency futures contracts formed the mainstay of the volumes in February, which amounted to 487,597 contracts, an increase of 183% from last year. And recorded all currency futures contracts in Dubai Gold and Commodities futures contracts except the U.S. dollar / Canadian dollar increased significantly on a monthly basis. The number of contracts denominated in U.S. dollars, sterling dollar rate of 15%, and the yen increased by 147%, and the euro by 31% during the period from January 2011 up to 2591 and 7741 and 954 contracts respectively. The Australian dollar futures rose by 90% and the Swiss franc by 76% since January last year to reach 1346 and 490 contracts respectively.

Commenting on these developments, said Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman, Dubai Gold and Commodities: “We are pleased to record four records in daily trading volume in the early of this year, as it is this achievement a sign of the great success we have achieved in the field of provide effective tools for managing price volatility and enhance liquidity, thereby contributing to support the participation of investors. ”

For precious metals, the volume of silver futures last February by 26% compared with the month of January, 1511 to reach a contract. Also recorded contracts for West Texas Intermediate crude strong growth of 31% of the numbers in the month of January of 2410 contracts