The Unique Gold, Museum In Europe: Brad Gold Museum

Brad gold museum

The gold museum in brad is unique in Europe. There’s no such museum like this except 2 or 3.

The brad gold museum contains more than 1,000 mineral samples and Over 1,300 gold exhibits.
After 5 years, it has freshly re-opened for visitors. Throughout this time, the museum’s collection examined and evaluated, and the building was renewed.

The gold museum in the city of brad in Romania is the most valuable 4.5 kilos of gold in the world.

This museum features more than 1000 without gold and more than 1300 minerals containing gold, but exhibited for their magnificence.

The samples come from countries all over the world, but the most extraordinary are the ones that come from the Metalifer Mountains of Romania, having gold that has been extracted from there for centuries.

The way the stones were put on presentation is very inspiring but nearby this the Museum shelters also actually the most valuable 4, 5 kg of gold from the planet.

Some exhibits are assured for sums that go above half a million dollars.

Numerous archeological objects exposed in the Brad area proved the existence of nonstop human life on these lands for 5000 years and also 2000 years of mining activity.