The stability of the global gold due to tensions in the Middle East

Gold price technical analysis 30 - May, 2013

Gold settled in trading on Tuesday, in the wake of the biggest daily gain in two weeks boosted hopes of a solution to the financial problems in the United States, and by the tensions in the Middle East, but received his high dollar, as a result of lower credit rating for France.

The improved sentiment in financial markets over the past two days after U.S. lawmakers expressed their confidence Ptousel Congress an agreement to avoid automatic move to raise taxes and cut spending in early 2013 in order to avoid renewed recession.

And deprived Moody’s credit rating of France classified Premier down the euro, after hitting its highest level in nearly two weeks, on Monday, rising dollar index slightly gained from Iqbal investors dealing in currencies other than the dollar to buy goods denominated in U.S. currency.

Was little changed on the price of gold at $ 1732.59 an ounce, after increasing 1% on Monday.

Gold and settled in U.S. futures transactions at $ 1733.10 an ounce, and spot price settled for silver at 3.13 dollars an ounce, after rising 2.5 percent in the previous session.

And platinum rose 0.09% to $ 1572.25 an ounce, while palladium rose 0.28% to $ 638.79.