The Remarkable Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin


The purest gold coin in the world and the official gold bullion coin of Canada is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Through the introduction of the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, the theory of pure gold coins devoid of alloy was founded, just a piece of metal with 99.9% pure gold that didn’t involve the asset of an alloy since the coin was not anticipated to be sociable.

With a gold content of .9999 fine 24k gold, created by Walter Ott in 1979, it holds gold mined entirely and only from gold mines in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint started production of the coin also in 1979.

Wherever pure gold is the most recognized and familiar form of gold bullion, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin is especially popular in India and the Far East, even in minor weights. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin can be found, sold and purchased by gold dealers anywhere.
The Maple Leaf coin is presented in one half, a quarter, one tenth and one twentieth troy ounces also the traditional and original one ounce coins. In Canada, every legal gold coin has a tender status, but the face value the coin is remarkably lower than the value of the gold content.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin Design

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is frequently well known as one of the best-looking coin of the gold bullion coins and also composed for its impressiveness and gorgeous design. Yet it is commonly collected for its 99.9% pure gold. It has a resale value all over the world, and as the price of gold upsurge the Canadian gold coin as well increases.

The coin was designed by Arnold Machin. The heads side shows a bust of Queen Elisabeth II, head of state of Canada. Gold Maple Leaf Coins minted in the years 1979-1989 features the Queen at age 39. From the beginning of 1990,  the Queen is featured at the age 64. The words “ELIZABETH II” are displayed in an arc at the top, the value and mint date are displayed in an arc  in the opposite direction at the bottom.

The tails side features the Canadian Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf is the national symbol of Canada since 1965 as soon as The National Flag of Canada with the Maple Leaf was design. The word “CANADA” is presented in an arc at the top. The purity of the coin “9999” is displayed on both sides of the Maple Leaf. The coin’s gold content is shown in an arc in the opposite direction at the bottom, for instance, “FINE GOLD 1OZ OR PUR”.

Face Value                            $1           $5           $10          $20        $50

Gold Weight (Troy)         0. 50       0.10        0.25        0.50        1.00

Diameter (mm)                14.1         16.00     20.00     25.00      30.0

Thickness (mm)                 0.92         1.13       1.78        2.23        2.87