The pound fell against the Japanese yen

Dollar rises against the yen after a wave of heavy buying

Bank of England showed today a report which noted that the growth is very positive impact of a policy to buy assets, which amount to 200 billion pounds sterling. Bank of England pointed out that the policy referred to it, which started in March / March 2009 was able to give the economy is growing, plus the gross domestic product by 1.5% -2.0% during the last period,

And see traders now that the bank will retain the same approach to fiscal policy, which limits the risk of entering the pound sterling bullish wave is strong, as the Bank is now inneed to keep interest rates low and fiscal policy as it is to support the economy andprevent it in the recession again.

Sterling fell to its lowest level against the yen in more than two and a half on Monday,causing speculation that Greece may default on debt as investors sell the currency riskis relatively high versus the yen, which is considered a safe haven.

Sterling fell to 120.49 yen on electronic trading platform no. Me. S, the lowest price of the currency since January 2009.